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Neil Patrick Harris wants to ramp up his 'rizz' on TikTok. His twins are mortified

A true example of parental enthusiasm and teenage disdain.
Harris captioned his first video: "Okay, Tokkers. Let’s do this!"@curveline via TikTok

With his first-ever TikTok video, Neil Patrick Harris has officially entered his "cringey dad era."

Listing himself as "Father, husband, ringmaster, solutionist, fixer, and a novice at the Tok of Tik," Harris brings a lot of energy to his initial video, and his 13-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon, balance that out with teenage sighs and eyerolls.

"Okay, okay, are you guys so excited?" Harris asked his kids with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

"No. No," Harper replied while Gideon sighed, "Ohhhh, what are you doing now."

"I'm joining the Tiktack," Harris responded.

"TikTok," Gideon begrudgingly corrected his father while looking at his phone.

"Yeah, this is my first Tiktawk," Harris said, unperturbed. "I'm gonna have so many followers, I'm gonna ramp up my 'rizz.'"

"Never ever say that again," Gideon warned.

In true teenage fashion, Harper tried to put her dad in his place, saying, "You're not cool. You're not special."

"I'm gonna ... I'm gonna be a snack," said Harris of his certain success.

"AHHHHHHHH," Harper wailed in horror as she walked out of frame.

Really building his confidence now, Harris said in true Barney Stinson fashion, "TikTok is going to be legen ... wait for it ..."

As Harris stands up to do a TikTok dance, Gideon walked out of frame, mumbling, "Oh my God."

Harper tried to stop her father, saying, "No. No. It's too cheesy. It's too cheesy."

"You didn't wait for it!" complained Harris, finally upset by his family's lack of support.

"... dary. We get it!" said Gideon, clearly wanting to move on with his life.

Breathing heavily from his aerobic exertion, Harris looked at the camera and placed his hands on his head, seemingly frustrated that his kids didn't respond to the possibilities of his TikTok superstardom.

In just 17 hours, this video had over 10 million likes and elicited comments such as:

  • "I knew I needed Barney Stinson as Neil Patrick Harris as a dad. Thank you universe, thank you."
  • "This was the best example of a dad doing their duty to embarrass. Well done. This deserves the highest of fives. ✋🏻"
  • "My favorite is when celebrities, no matter how legendary, are still just dad to their kids."
  • "NPH is in his cringy dad era and I’m here for it. 😂😂"

Can Harris possibly embarrass his kids over and over and over on this platform?

We suspect that he would say, "Challenge accepted."