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Hilary Duff threw an over-the-top tea party for her daughters: See the pics

"How tired are you still?" Duff asked the other parent party planners.

Pinkies up! Hilary Duff, mom of three (with one on the way!) threw her daughters the most stunning tea party over the weekend.

Banks, 5, and Mae, 2, look like they're having a blast as they wear fancy outfits, pose with parasols, sip from china teacups and enjoy adorably tiny sweet treats.

Mae and Banks on their best behavior.
Mae and Banks on their best behavior.@hilaryduff via Instagram

In the caption of her photo carousel, Duff wrote, "Mission: annual Montessori tea party … to me and all the moms who made this lit for 98 little nuggets — we destroyed and how tired are you still ??☺️💪 🌸"

98 kids?!

The Montessori educational philosophy, originally developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, allows students in multi-age classrooms to decide what they want to study; teachers follow the individual students' interests and allow them to progress at their own pace.

A Montessori-style tea party helps children practice "everything from fine motor skills through preparation of tea and snacks and socialization skills around table manners and conversing," says Dr. Erin O’Connor, chief of education at Cooper, an online parenting platform.

Sip, sip, hooray!
Sip, sip, hooray!@hilaryduff via Instagram

While children are enjoying the party atmosphere, they're also learning valuable life lessons at the same time. O'Connor adds, "It also sets a powerful example for children in helping them to develop a practice of slowing down at a certain point in the day to reconnect with your environment, relax and calm oneself." 

Banks takes a delicate bite of a delicate dessert.
Banks takes a delicate bite of a delicate dessert.@hilaryduff via Instagram

The girls are wearing their finest pearls, fancy head bows, delicate gloves and party shoes. On the table, you can see frosting covered doughnuts, tea cakes, cloth napkins and stunning floral arrangements.

Has your daughter ever been to a tea party this elegant?
Has your daughter ever been to a tea party this elegant?@hilaryduff via Instagram

Commenters were amazed by this chic and elegant display:

  • "This is STUNNING. Looks nicer than a lot of peoples weddings 😂"
  • "This is would be a dream come true for me as a 33 yr old! I always grew up wanting a really fancy tea party. Your girls are adorable!😍"
  • "I’m Montessori certified and I approve of this. SO cute!"
  • "I need a Hilary Duff in my kid's class cause the budget just ain’t it for the rest of us 😂"