Carrie Underwood wishes happy Father's Day to 'incredible' husband Mike Fisher

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/ Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

Father's Day 2017 may be over but the photos keep coming in, and we have to say an extra thanks to Carrie Underwood for providing such a sweet and tender picture of husband Mike Fisher giving their son Isaiah a smooch.

It's nice to see that daddy and son are such close pals, and that Underwood appreciates him as a father as well as a husband. Underwood has been married to Fisher since 2010 and little Isaiah is now 2.

Just check out that wonderful dedication she put in the caption!

We've seen Isaiah out and about at Predators games, but we don't get to see him nearly enough hanging out at home with dad, so this is a real treat.

But Underwood wasn't done with the Father's Day photos; after all, the "American Idol" winner has a father of her own to remember — which of course she did, with a throwback picture to Stephen Underwood escorting her at her wedding.

Hope everyone had a delightful Sunday, fathers, sons and grandpas alike!

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