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Amy Schumer explains why she doesn't think she will get pregnant again

The comedian has endometriosis and adenomyosis.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s understandable that Amy Schumer has no desire to get pregnant again.

During Schumer's first pregnancy with her son, Gene, now 15-months-old, she battled hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) until the day she gave birth.

“I also have have really bad endometriosis and adenomyosis,” Schumer recently revealed on the “What to Expect” podcast. “I could have a baby again, physically, but it might kill me.”

Endometriosis is painful condition that develops when tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it. Adenomyosis is a thickening of the uterus and occurs when endometrial tissues move into the walls of uterus.

Schumer, who began IVF in January, said that she had her husband, Chris Fischer, are “thinking seriously about taking the surrogacy route" to expand their family.

“COVID-19 kind of put everything on hold, but of course we do want more,” the “I Feel Pretty” actress added. “I hope that’s in the cards for us.”

The uterine abnormalities caused by adenomyosis can lead to fertility problems, according to Dr. Ryan Martin, a fertility specialist in Warrington, Pennsylvania.

“It doesn’t eliminate the chance of getting pregnant, it just makes it harder,” Martin previously told TODAY. "It makes the uterus less receptive to accepting an embryo to grow in pregnancy. You can take perfectly normal embryos and put them in a uterus that has abnormalities and have a much lower ate as a result.”

Last month, Schumer told TODAY Parents that despite her grueling pregnancy, she has mixed feelings about using a surrogate.

“I mean it’s something that I can’t imagine putting myself through again, but it’s also something I can’t imagine not putting myself through,” she said. “It’s so confusing.”

In February, Schumer posted on Instagram that she got “1 normal embryo” and “2 low level mosaic” from egg retrieval. (Mosaic embryos contain a mix of normal and abnormal cells.)

But Schumer isn’t sure if she’s up for another round of IVF.

As she told TODAY Parents, “It was really hard on my body and really hard on me emotionally.”