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Man honors late wife, inspires others to cherish loved ones with #100LoveNotes project

A North Carolina man has inspired others by creating 100LoveNotes to honor the memory of his late wife and encourage others to reflect on their loved ones.
/ Source: TODAY

As the one-year anniversary of his wife's death approached, a North Carolina man decided to honor their enduring bond by passing out love letters he hopes will inspire others.

Hyong Yi, an assistant city manager, and his two children, Anna, 10, and Alex, 7, passed out 100 love letters in uptown Charlotte Friday in memory his wife, Catherine Zanga, who died from ovarian cancer exactly a year earlier.

Fifty of the letters were written from his point of view, and the other 50 from hers.

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Many strangers were moved after receiving a letter and finding out Yi's story.

Hyong Yi and his family
Hyong Yi honors his late wife by writing 100 love notesLindsay Hart via 100 Love Notes

"My hope is that they will take a moment to reflect on the love in their life," Yi told NBC Charlotte affiliate WCNC.

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"What I wouldn't give to have one more minute, even a minute to talk, hold hands, and I want people to take a minute and reflect on that. Sharing that with somebody they love."

Yi also started a Facebook page, 100LoveNotes, encouraging others to post a message to someone in their lives and share it using #100LoveNotes.

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Several commenters responded with heartwarming sentiments of their own.

Yi was devastated after losing his wife, but the love of his children helped him get back on his feet.

"It's been the hardest year of my life," Yi told WCNC.

"I really would've liked to have stayed in bed for an entire year. Anna and Alex were instrumental in getting my life back together again," Yi says of his children.

Part of the point behind the love notes project, he said, is to make sure Catherine will always be remembered.

Hyong Yi honors his late wife by writing 100 Love Notes
North Carolina man Hyong Yi wrote 50 love letters from his perspective and 50 from his wife's as part of the inspiring 100LoveNotes campaign to honor her memory.100 Love Notes / Facebook

"She was just a great woman,'' Yi said. "I did not fully appreciate how great and wonderful, loving and caring and thoughtful she was until I didn't have it anymore."

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