Stencils, stars and shine: 9 D-I-Y ceiling projects

For far too long, those four walls have had all the fun. It's time ceilings get their D-I-Y due. 

From stylish stencils to glam mirror treatments, here are some up-worthy ways to add pizzazz to this often overlooked space. 

Pine refined

Amy Huntley / Today

An installation of inexpensive pinewood planks turned "The Idea Room" blogger Amy Huntley's kitchen ceiling into a vision. She used painter's caulk to fill in cracks and knot holes prior to priming and painting to keep the look sleek and clean. 

Shades of gray

Rebecca Deering / Today

Make a pale gray room pop by enhancing the mellow hue with a dazzling pattern. Interior designer and "Hello, Tuesday" blogger Rebecca Deering did just that by painting over a stencil she found on Etsy. The project took about two weeks, but the results are worth it. 

Glam slam

Dana Tucker / Today

When blogger Dana Tucker realized the glamorous crystal chandelier she scored on Craiglist needed a little extra sparkle, she did what any good D-I-Y pro would do. She created her own medallion out of mirrored candle plates for only $30. 

Star struck

Dina Holland / Today

Interior designer and "Honey & Fitz" blogger Dina Holland created this celestial ceiling in her baby's nursery for under $50 with stainless steel contact paper, paint and a Silhouette Cameo cutting tool. Find her tutorial for the starry sky here

Read all about it

Karah Bunde / Today

Talk about upcycling! Karah Bunde, the blogger behind "The Space Between Blog," transformed an ugly, cracked ceiling into a papered dream using only a pile of newspapers, white glue and assorted painting tools. The transformation cost less than $10.

Beadboard beauties

Shelley Smith / Today

Two beadboard-style cover-ups were all it took to turn around this unsightly ceiling. "The House of the Smiths" blogger Shelley Smith gave her ceiling a proper beadboard treatment using pre-painted wood and adding a thick frame to hide any seams and space. 

Farmhouse chic

Amanda Richards / Today

Interior designer and "Burlap and Denim" blogger Amanda Richards wanted to give her small guest bath a specific feeling. "Weathered, worn, dull and peaceful," she wrote on her site. What she ended up with was just that, particularly the bathroom's rustic yet refined reclaimed plywood ceiling. Staples and a bit of Liquid Nails was all it took to install the 5-inch wide weathered boards. 

Chic chevron

Pamela Stephens / Today

The chevron trend hasn't slowed down a bit, so if you're a fan, try this sparkly version made using metallic paint and a stencil. To avoid paint from bleeding, "PB&J Stories" blogger Pamela Stephens intentionally applied several light coats of paint instead of a single heavy one, resulting in a sharp line and serious shimmer. 

Hot dots

Carmel Ray / Today

"Our Fifth House" blogger Carmel Ray has a great eye—and a practical streak. Instead of painstakingly stenciling every last polka, she dotted her ceiling using 3-inch decals purchased from Land of Nod. The whole project took less than 20 minutes and cost about the same as making the decals herself. Plus, the decals are removable—perfect for non-committal types and renters hoping to get their deposits back.