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Marie Kondo shows the 1 thing she can't bring herself to give away

At least it sparks joy!
/ Source: TODAY

For years now, Marie Kondo has been inspiring people to declutter their homes by keeping only items that "spark joy," and saying goodbye to the rest.

It’s not always easy, deciding what to keep and what to give away — and as it turns out, even Kondo herself can’t bring herself to part with one beloved piece of clothing.

“So there’s actually a T-shirt that I purchased in 2005, a long time ago, that I just can’t get rid of,” the organizing guru said through a translator on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

Kondo showed Clarkson the quirky, lime green t-shirt with a cute face on the front. Clarkson couldn’t get over the shirt’s spotless condition.

Even Marie Kondo has trouble getting rid of things sometimes! NBC

“It’s so clean, from 2005! No stains, what?” she said.

Kondo did say that the T-shirt sparks joy for her, though, so by her own rules, she should be able to keep it. Still, she said it was “a little embarrassing” to tell people about it.

“I can’t explain why but it just sparks so much joy inside of me,” she said. “And this is the first time that I’m showing it on TV.”

“You know what would spark joy in me, if I could fit in it!” Clarkson joked.

Later on, Kondo gave a folding lesson to Clarkson, Seth Meyers and "2 Broke Girls" actress Beth Behrs.

She taught them how to fold clothes using her KonMari method.NBC

We haven’t seen Kondo wear her beloved t-shirt out and about, but maybe she wears it around the house as she tidies her own home. Or, maybe the shirt just makes her smile, even if she rarely wears it.

Either way, if it sparks joy, she should definitely keep it!