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'Tidying Up' organizational expert Marie Kondo launches online shop

Marie Kondo helped you declutter your home, and now she’s selling stuff on her website.
/ Source: TODAY

Marie Kondo helped many of us declutter with her famous “KonMari Method.” Now, the organizational star with her own Netflix series has launched an online shop selling items that “spark joy” for her.

She explained in a post on her website that once you’ve completed your tidying, there is “room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life.”

There are several items for making tea for sale, like a $25 glass teapot and a $52 tea scoop, as well as aromatherapy supplies like a $119 oil diffuser and a $40 brass incense holder. There’s even a stylish serving bowl created by a San Francisco artist, retailing for $220.

“Many people have asked what I use in my everyday life,” Kondo said in a video posted to her site. “This shop is a collection of my favorite things and items that spark joy.”

She wrote in her post that buyers should be careful not to over-buy.

“Just remember to complete your tidying and to use that experience to purchase mindfully,” she wrote. “My intention is that you will cherish these items and use them for years to come.”

You can watch the first season of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, or check out some of our favorite tips for tidying up here.