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'Home Town' has been renewed for an 8th season! Here's what we know so far

HGTV just ordered new episodes of the popular show.

Ben and Erin Napier have some exciting news for their fans!

The talented couple behind HGTV's "Home Town" will be returning for an eighth season of the wildly popular show.

Ben Napier and HGTV broke the news Wednesday via Instagram, much to the delight of viewers, and shared a photo of the Napiers along with the announcement.

"BREAKING NEWS: #HGTVHomeTown has been renewed for Season 8! 🎊 🎉," the post read.

What about Season 7?

"Home Town" fans have a lot to look forward to because the show's seventh season hasn't even aired yet.

"And if you’re anxiously awaiting the Season 7 premiere, know that we’ll have a date/time for you to mark your calendars shortly 😁🗓️," the announcement read.

Instagram users were quick to comment on the news, with several calling "Home Town" the "best show on HGTV."

“Very excited!!👏 Love your show!!” one fan wrote. Another left the following comment: “Y’all are too cute!! Can’t wait!♥️.”

What the Napiers have been up to

When it comes to their careers, the Napiers are certainly on a roll. Their personal lives also seem to be thriving.

Earlier this week, Erin Napier posted several photos of the barn renovation project her husband worked on for her birthday.

Ben Napier has also been focused on his health lately and recently showed off a more svelte figure. His wife applauded his efforts on Instagram, writing, “ got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in march so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP.”

Why the Napiers are protective of their girls and social media

The Napiers might use social media as a tool to help promote their work, but they're not so keen on the idea of their two young daughters using it. The couple recently started a nonprofit called Osprey to help parents who prefer to keep their children off of social media. In an essay for, Erin Napier spoke about their decision.

"A lot of people are like, ‘You’re so naive,’ for thinking we can keep our kids off of social media and away from cell phones. But it’s not a forbidden fruit thing. We don’t intend to ever treat it that way for our girls," she said.

"What we intend to teach them is that you can live the most incredible life, and you can do and see and be anything in the world, if you are not tethered to something fake."