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Sheinelle took her 1st solo vacation and shared her words of wisdom: ‘It was transformative’

The mother of three said she's feeling "rejuvenated" after a trip to a wellness spa by herself while her children are at summer camp.

Sheinelle Jones is savoring some "me time" during a solo destination trip she called "transformative."

The TODAY co-host and mother of three reflected on Instagram on July 30 about her trip to a wellness spa that she has taken while her children are at summer camp. She said it's the first time since before the birth of her oldest son, Kayin, 14, that she's been able to get away by herself for a few days.

She looked relaxed and smiling in a comfy robe in a selfie she shared along with some scenes of natural beauty from her trip.

"I remember the first time I went to the movies by myself; it was several years ago when I was having vocal issues and it was frustrating and tough for me to talk outside of work," she wrote. "That was a moment. I walked out of the theater thinking … “wow, I enjoyed my own company.'"

Her simple trip to the movie theater inspired her to take a quick solo vacation away from her family to recharge.

"Fast forward to this week. I took my first “destination” trip alone," she wrote. "Only a couple of days by myself. You know what I learned? I still enjoy my own company. ☺️ I didn’t have to talk when I didn’t feel like it. I sat and ate dinner without a phone or a book to offer a distraction. Just my thoughts. I hiked. Meditated. Took so many pictures of the sky. Admired Gods handiwork. Lots of swimming. Lots of silence. It was transformative."

The time away has been well spent.

"I am rejuvenated," she wrote. "I swear I discovered new gray hairs, even a birthmark I forgot about on my chin."

Sheinelle also used the trip to catch up with family, visiting a cousin in Los Angeles before heading to the wellness retreat. She shared a video on Instagram on July 28 of her enjoying a hike.

"While all of my kids are at summer camps this week, I decided to lean in to some much needed “me time”, visit my cousin @karleenroy in LA and then check into a wellness spa by myself," she wrote. "You know what I realized? I haven’t gone away — (non work related) for this long, since my oldest was born 14 years ago. So I’m doing it! I can sleep in, hike and exercise … then exhale and be still and do absolutely nothing! — We can’t pour from an empty cup … so cheers to filling your cup!"