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Viral video shows dad throwing his kids a hilariously fancy dinner party at home

This family is staying entertained with food while practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus.
/ Source: TODAY

As families retreat to their homes to help flatten the curve amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, parents are getting creative ­— or just going a little stir-crazy — as they try to entertain their offspring.

One dad in the United Kingdom recently decided to pull out all the stops for his little ones and served his kids an over-the-top meal they won't soon forget.

On Saturday, BBC reporter Ben Moore shared the hilarious video of the dinner party on Twitter; it features him in a tuxedo serving the true masters of the house: two of his kids, Milo, 12, and Nancy, 5.

"I found it absolutely hilarious and so did my sister," Milo told TODAY Food.

Moore's wife, fellow BBC presenter Ellie Moore, came up with the idea after Milo had to cancel his birthday party because of the coronavirus outbreak.

"We were desperate to think of nice things to do to bring some color to our day and week," Ellie Moore, 43, explained. "To have a reason to get smartened up and get out the nice candlesticks and make a special evening really cheered us up."

In the clip, Ben Moore, 42, is seen offering Milo a "March 2020 vintage" milk container — which he then pours into a wine glass. Milo plays along and swirls the milk around before taking a thoughtful sip.

"It was really fun for all of us," Ben Moore told TODAY, noting that he was grateful for the opportunity to slick back his hair and get dressed up for a change.

"I saw my tuxedo lurking in the back of the wardrobe and I thought, 'There's no chance that's getting worn in the near future. I'll be lucky if I can wear that by Christmas,'" he quipped. "Then, Nancy got inspired and ran upstairs and put her little red party dress on and painted her nails."

Ben and Ellie Moore with their children, Milo, Oscar and Ellie.
Ben and Ellie Moore with their children, Milo, Oscar and Ellie. Courtesy of Ben Moore

Nancy told TODAY that her favorite part of the evening was eating ice cream "with loads of chocolate."

The family's antics have been a hit online, and Moore's video has garnered tens of thousands of views in just a few days. Many folks on social media are also loving the creative idea.

“Lol the fact that he knew what to do with the wine glass,” @BriansDumbJokes tweeted back at Moore.

“Oh yeah! Hmmm I blame the parents...” Moore replied, with a few emoji.

Mental Movement Magazine even suggested Moore make the event a digital miniseries.

“Haha! No doubt isolation will bring many more crazy moments…” Moore replied.