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Carvel is bringing back a fan-favorite flavor gone for more than 50 years

The chain is leaning into bright flavors with its citrusy revival.
In honor of Carvel’s 90th birthday, the scoop shop is giving customers a taste of nostalgia with six new Orange Dreamy Creamy items, starting April 1 for a limited time.Carvel
/ Source: TODAY

Carvel is tapping into nostalgia this season, bringing back one of its most beloved flavors from the 1970s: Orange Dreamy Creamy.

The ice cream chain is celebrating its 90th birthday, so to help kick off the new decade, it’s reviving the treat that’s been out of production for more than 50 years.

“This sweet, nostalgic flavor captures the magic of childhood in one taste,” Carvel shared in a press release. “Orange and vanilla flavors combine to make the ultimate throwback to hot summers, ice cream truck jingles, and orange cream pops.”

Carvel’s six new Orange Dreamy Creamy items, available for a limited time.Carvel

Fans nationwide can get a taste of the flavor in six ways: soft serve, a milkshake, a scoopable version made with Golden Oreo and orange marshmallow, a Sundae Dasher made with layers of all three scoop ingredients topped with whipped cream, in the chain’s famous Flying Saucer and in frozen-pop form coated in white chocolate.

It’s not a permanent return to the freezer, though.

All items are available for a limited time starting April 1. While customers can pick up the frozen treats in store, the Sundae Dasher is only available for online ordering at or on third-party delivery platforms.

The citrusy reintroduction comes as a wave of other chains and brands lean in to the flavor, too. Baskin-Robbins’ April flavor of the month is Marigold Dreamsicle, featuring vanilla bean and marigold blossom ice creams with orange swirls. And in March, Wendy’s launched its new menu item: the Orange Dreamsicle Frosty, made with a Vanilla Frosty base and orange flavors.

It’s a callback to the Orange Creamsicle, Orange Julius and Cool Cream Push-Up Pops of our childhoods we’re more than ready for.