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Ryan Reynolds jokes about Blake Lively’s ‘rage’ in Betty Buzz ad

Reynolds and Lively are well-known for their playful banter with each other on social media.

Ryan Reynolds is continuing his long tradition of teasing his wife Blake Lively on social media.

On July 10, Lively posted a video on Instagram promoting Betty Buzz, her line of alcohol-free mixers, and its new partnership with Amazon. In the ad, Lively feigns irritation at being sent a toucan from the Amazon rainforest instead of the "two cans" of Betty Buzz she ordered from the online retailer.

"@bettybuzz now in all kinds of cans on @amazon …the website …not the geographical location," Lively quipped in the caption.

Reynolds couldn't seem to resist poking fun at his wife. Reposting the video on his Instagram story, he ribbed Lively about her mild annoyance.

"This is the kind of rage I have to deal with every day," Reynolds joked.

Reynolds and Lively are well-known for their online banter with each other. They have a history of pranking each other on birthdays and anniversaries, as well as other not-so-special occasions.

Ever the supportive husband, Reynolds included a link in his Instagram story to purchase Betty Buzz drinks on Amazon.

He also appeared in a commercial for Betty Buzz during the Super Bowl in February.

Along with nonalcoholic line Betty Buzz, Lively announced in an Instagram post on June 28 that she was also launching Betty Booze, a line of sparkling cocktail drinks.

Since Lively herself famously refrains from drinking alcohol, some fans were taken aback at her promotion of an alcoholic drink line.

Lively clarified the difference between the two lines in another Instagram post on June 28.

"@bettybuzz Good for all ages and preferences. Zero alcohol. @bettybooze for those who want the alcohol," she wrote. "…Because that’s what hosts do. We make something for everyone. And not usually ourselves. Wait, I’m describing moms now."