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Make the most of your oats! 21 oatmeal recipes worth getting out of bed for

Oatmeal may not be the first thing you associate with #foodporn, but with the right recipe, it can actually be pretty crave-worthy.
/ Source: TODAY

Oatmeal — with its drab color and mushy consistency — might not be the first thing you associate with #foodporn, but believe it or not, combined with the right ingredients, it can actually be pretty sexy. Whether you crave something sweet or savory in the morning, we've got 21 dressed-up oatmeal recipes — including both fruits and vegetables — that'll get you right out of bed and give you the energy to get your day going.

Casey Barber / TODAY

Make-ahead slow-cooker maple oatmeal

What? You’ve never made oatmeal in your slow cooker before? You’re in for a real treat — especially with a house full of guests.

Emily/Oat&Sesame / TODAY Food Club

Zucchini bread oatmeal

Not a morning-savory person but want to get more veggies into your morning routine? Grate some zucchini into your oatmeal. Seriously.

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Oatmeal cake with cinnamon-pecan crumble

Cake for breakfast? It's made with oatmeal, so yeah, says Kelsey Nixon, star of Cooking Channel's "Kelsey's Homemade," why not?

Ali Maffucci / TODAY Food Club

Almond butter & jelly oatmeal bowl with spiralized apples and toasted almonds

Oh, you didn't know? Jelly broke up with peanut butter and moved onto the trendier almond butter. This bowl is a testament to their successful marriage: it may be nutty but it's definitely comforting.

Taylor Kiser / Food Faith Fitness / TODAY Food Club

Healthy cinnamon roll protein oatmeal

Satiate your inevitable morning cinnamon roll craving with this healthy, protein-packed take on the treat that, unlike its sugary inspiration, will keep you full — and awake — until lunch.

Nutty peaches and cream overnight oats in a mason jar

You'll never have an excuse to skip breakfast again if you pack it the night before in a mason jar. And with the dynamic duo of peaches and cream, you'll never forget it in the fridge.

Spicy cheesy oats

Oatmeal is not just for the sweet-toothed, if TODAY Tastemaker Alejandra Ramos has anything to say about it. Take your oatmeal to another level by getting spicy and cheesy with it.

Robin Terry / CaliGirl Cooking / TODAY Food Club

Slow-cooker superfood oatmeal

Combining the power of turmeric, maca powder, and chia seeds overnight, you'll feel invincible after eating this breakfast bowl.

Casey Barber / TODAY

Baked oatmeal bars

Bake a batch of these hearty, crunchy bars and you’ll have breakfast to grab and go all week.

Banana chocolate oatmeal

Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast? This dish is custardy, sweet, and boozy — a perfect cure for the Sunday blues.

Sheila Thigpen / TODAY Food Club

Raspberry oatmeal pancakes

How to satisfy your pancake craving without any guilt: use Greek yogurt, oats, and berries. You won’t be disappointed.

Kellie Hemmerly / The Suburban Soapbox / TODAY Food Club

Slow-cooker spiced coconut steel cut oatmeal

With coconut and cinnamon, this is the perfect, creamy, comforting bowl for curling up and getting cozy with.

Savory oats with bacon, mushrooms, fried egg

Why are rice and pasta the go-to ingredients for an easy meal? What about oats? Chef Seamus Mullen shows Al Roker how to use oats as a base for savory breakfast favorites like eggs and bacon.

Joanie Simon / TODAY Food Club

Crunchy oat granola cups

These crunchy cups are ready to be filled with all your breakfast favorites: yogurt, fruit, mint, nut butter – whatever your heart desires.

Alice Choi1 / Hip Foodie Mom / TODAY Food Club

Skinny banana oat flaxseed cookies

Make your kids cookies for breakfast now and they’ll thank you now; make them with nutritious ingredients and they’ll thank you later.

Carrot cake oatmeal

If you’ve got a morning sweet tooth but want to up your veggie intake, grab some carrots and make this guilt-free treat that tastes just like dessert.

Marci L. / My Heavenly Recipes / TODAY Food Club

Banana oat muffins

Love the taste of bananas and oatmeal but not their mushy texture? You should probably get to know the muffin man.

Casey Barber / TODAY

Zoats: zucchini, oats and egg whites

If you thought zucchini trend was limited to zoodles, think again. Meet zoats — oats, grated zucchini and egg whites. You’ll be surprised how satisfying (and Instagrammable!) it is.

Cookie dough overnight oats

All you need is five minutes of prep time to make a crazily delicious, protein-rich breakfast for the next day. Needless to say, your kids will love it, too.

Joanie Simon / TODAY Food Club

Homemade oat crunch granola

For half the cost of a standard box of granola at the grocery store, you can make granola at home that’s twice as good.

Bananas foster baked oatmeal

Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast? This dish is custardy, sweet, and boozy — a perfect cure for the Sunday blues.