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/ Source: TODAY
By Kristen Torres

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As if Instant Pot hasn't already garnered enough fame and adoration for its line of multi-use pressure cookers, the brand is back at it again. This time its launching a totally new kitchen appliance.

The company recently unveiled a new blender — dubbed the Instant Pot Ace Blender — which has the ability to cook food inside the blender's chamber. It was released on September 23 and sold exclusively at Walmart.

Instant Pot Ace Blender, $99, Walmart

Unlike most high-end blenders these days, the Ace Blender hit the market for only $99 — a steal when compared to pricier brands, which can ring in around $400.

The heating blender comes with eight different functions, all designed to allow easy preparation of foods like soups, stews, baby food and ice cream. It blends and cooks soups all in one go.

The pitcher is made from special tempered glass, which allows it to withstand the higher temperatures of cooked foods. The blender also displays real-time cooking temperatures, so users can check the temperatures of their foods at a glance.

It also comes with a food tamper to help break down food (acai bowls, anyone?), a 5-ounce measuring cup, cleaning brush and a food safe strainer bag, ideal for making your own nut milks.

With functions for juicing, milking, heating and high-powered blending, Instant Pot has once again removed the need for multiple gadgets and appliances, giving users the flexibility to make a wide array of foods without worrying about having multiple appliances on hand.