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Food Network poll reveals Americans' favorite 4th of July foods

It's almost time for the best barbecue holiday of the year!
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What will you be eating on the Fourth of July this year?Peter Kramer/NBC

Baby back ribs or barbecue chicken? Burgers or hot dogs?

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, Food Network has just released some new info about Americans' favorite foods usually served on the country's biggest barbecuing holiday. The survey, which was conducted in May by Food Network and market research firm Open Mind Strategy, found that nearly 50% of Americans plan to attend a party or barbecue, with another 30% planning to host one.

When it comes to food, the old-standbys are still the most popular — but hot dog lovers may be surprised by one of the main findings.

“More Americans this year are craving burgers over hot dogs; smoky, hearty flavors are on trend, and easy-does-it ice cream is on the menu for the Fourth," Courtney White, president of Food Network, said in a press release announcing the survey results.

The network surveyed over 2,000 respondents from across the country to help define which foods are decidedly in and which may be past their prime for the holiday.

Bring on the main course

Summer barbecues often focus on one or two staple foods — typically, hot dogs and hamburgers. However, hot dogs may be losing their edge this year since half of Americans said that they would rather have a hamburger on their plate for the main meal, while only 10% said they'd want a hot dog.

Twenty-one percent of survey respondents said they were actually sick of seeing hot dogs served on the Fourth of July, and 15% said they'd actually be happy if they never saw a hot dog served on the Fourth again.

Speedy Scrumptious Burgers

Don't skimp on sides

While main courses are a huge part of any successful barbecue, plenty of people really just pine for the savory sides.

In the U.S., it appears that potatoes still reign supreme, with one in three respondents saying that potato salad was their favorite side. Potato chips came in second place. Only 13% of those surveyed preferred a corn dish or pasta salad, and just 10% chose grilled vegetables. Green salad came in last, securing only 5% of the vote.

Delicious desserts

No Fourth of July is complete without something sweet, but those fire-cracker shaped popsicles may not be the best bet if you're looking to please a big crowd: only 11% of Americans called them their favorite dessert option. If you're hosting folks this year, try getting festive with red, white and blue sprinkles instead, since one-third of survey respondents said that ice cream was their favorite option.

It's time to party

Of course, Americans aren't only focused on food this year. More than two-thirds of adults think of the holiday as a time to let loose and party, with 40% of adults saying that drinking is the best part of July 4. Some respondents even said that they drink more on the Fourth of July than they do on any other day of the year.


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