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Give Dad the gift of food all day long, starting with these baked eggs

Make Dad happy! Start Father's Day off right with delicious baked eggs with mushrooms.
/ Source: TODAY

Did you know that moms get showered with more gifts on Mother’s Day than dads do on Father’s Day? About 43 percent more, according to a recent National Retail Federation survey. Yikes. Do we really love our mamas more than our papas? No way. Here’s our theory: men are famously more difficult to shop for than women and that is what’s behind the discrepancy. And we’ve got a hunch they’re okay with this inequality. When you think about what your dad (or your kids’ dad, if you’re helping to direct things from behind the scenes) wants, it’s not another tie, goofy socks or “No. 1 Dad” mug. In fact, we don’t think he wants a thing at all. Of course he’ll graciously accept all of the above, along with the handmade card that came home from school crumpled in the bottom of a back pack, but what he really wants is to feel appreciated.

So, for all the fixed bikes, the homework help, the piggy-back rides, and the million other things Dad does, why not spoil him the ultimate home made gift of delicious food? If you get your kids involved in the process you’ll be lightening your load (which is kind of a gift to yourself). And you know what? Forget what we said about the crumpled up card, that’s a keeper, just like Dad.

Here’s how we’re picturing a pretty perfect day for Dad.

Let him sleep in (the ultimate luxury!) while you make these delicious baked eggs with mushrooms. Serve them up with a pot of coffee and the time to read the paper in peace.

Baked Eggs with Mushrooms

Make an updated classic for Dad’s lunch. Everybody loves grilled cheese sandwiches and this Grilled Cheese With Garlic Apples pushes them over the top. It doesn’t take much more time to add the extra element, but it transforms the retro sammie into something quite adult. Kids can help: Teach little ones to grate cheese and older kids can learn how to carefully manage the frying pan over heat.

Put away the plans for a elaborate dinner and give the man what he wants: a burger. Not that this Chili Chicken Burger is basic. With a Mexican crema and a generous dollop of guacamole (you could even re-purpose part of that afternoon snack you made earlier), a zesty patty and slices of sharp cheddar, it’s got flavour to spare. Kids can help: Little ones can help with assembling all the toppings, older kids can mix ingredients and form patties.

Of course you’ll want to end Father’s Day on a sweet note. A couple of these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream are just the thing. They’re sweet with just a bit of chewiness from the addition of coconut. Kids can help: Younger kids can help measure and mix ingredients, older kids can manage this one from start to finish.