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Eat like an Olympian: Joy Bauer makes 4 hydrating, energy-boosting recipes

On your mark, get set, munch!

Interrupting your Olympic programming to bring you all the deets on superfoods for super athletes. I’m serving up hydration tips, recovery shakes, energy-boosting snacks and an irresistible dessert fit for a champion. On your mark, get set, munch!

Energizing Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great option for breakfast on-the-run or a grab-and-go snack. Plus, it’s customizable: You can make it your own with so many varieties of nuts, seeds, cereals, dried fruit, popcorn and so much more (yes, even chocolate chips!). There’s no need to refrigerate and it’s totally totable and filled with healthy fats, fiber and protein. I recommend making a big batch ahead of time so you’re always prepared for a snack attack.

Cucumber-Kiwi Spa Water

Joy Bauer's Cucumber-Kiwi Spa Water.
Joy Bauer's Cucumber-Kiwi Spa Water.Courtesy Joy Bauer

Being adequately hydrated is essential for exercise performance. That being said, it’s not always easy to gulp down the amount of water your body requires. This Cucumber-Kiwi Spa Water seriously hits the spot. The recipe calls for cucumber, kiwi and lime, three tasty produce picks that are rich in water and immune-supporting vitamin C. It’s a simple and sparkling beverage that makes it easy to seamlessly sip.

Get the recipe here.

DIY Recovery Shake

Joy Bauer's DIY Recovery Shake.
Joy Bauer's DIY Recovery Shake.Courtesy Joy Bauer

This is a game-changing shake! After a workout, your body craves a combo of high-quality carbs and protein to help replenish glycogen stores and build and repair muscle tissue. This smoothie covers it all. As an added bonus, it showers your body with nutrients that have been shown to benefit your health and enhance athletic performance.

Get the recipe here.

Mini Watermelon Cakes

Joy Bauer's Mini Watermelon Cakes.
Joy Bauer's Mini Watermelon Cakes.Courtesy Joy Bauer

I love transforming fresh fruit into decadent desserts that taste delicious and also fuel high performance. This watermelon treat takes the cake — it’s a fun presentation, simple to prep and loaded with sweet hydration (watermelon is more than 90% water). Pro tip: Squirt whipped cream right before serving so it doesn’t deflate and top with the garnishes of your choosing.

Get the recipe here.

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