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Dylan Dreyer shares funny post about being stuck at home with a significant other

"Really getting to spend a lot of time with my husband these days."
/ Source: TODAY

For many, more time spent self-isolating at home these days means people are spending a lot more time with their spouses and significant others than usual. So it's not surprising that many are learning about new habits — both good and bad — that their partners may have kept under wraps before the current global health crisis.

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer is all too familiar with this, and recently gave her fans a glimpse into what life is currently like at home with her husband, Brian Fichera.

On Wednesday, Dylan posted a photo on Instagram to which lot of people are relating right now. The image shows a box of Ritz crackers with the top messily torn open.

“Really getting to spend a lot of time with my husband these days. Is opening a box of crackers like this acceptable grounds for divorce? #askingforafriend,” she wrote.

Brian defended his box-opening method, commenting: "The integrity of the box is far less important than the integrity of the individual sleeves of ritz crackers. I stand by my approach."

However, many, many more took Dylan’s side and shared their own current at-home struggles.

“My husband does it all the time. Ugh! Still married after 39 years," one person commented.

Added another, “Yes!!! This is why I bought containers for everything. Somehow he’s managed to break the lids twice!!"

“Omg!! YES! My husband absolutely destroys boxes. Drives me insane!” another fan commented.

Others joked that it looked as though the box had been opened by an animal — or maybe Dylan and Brian’s 3-year-old son, Calvin.

“Did he open it with his paws?” asked one person.

Said another, “Why does it look like Cal opened it like you had never fed him before?”

“This is what it looks like when my 3 year old opens a box," another parent said.

Aside from debating proper box-opening techniques with her husband, Dylan has been keeping busy with both of her kids, Calvin and the newest addition to the family, Oliver, who was born in January.

The mother of two has been sharing photos of herself and Calvin cooking up snacks, including banana-nut muffins and rainbow popsicles.

“Thanks @siriouslydelicious for the popsicle idea!! It helped us kill some time today! Now 23 more hours to fill...” Dylan wrote on Instagram, thanking new mom Siri Daly.

The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host also posted about how she’s now tackling homeschooling for Calvin, in addition to caring for the newborn.

Luckily, the brothers have been getting along well. In March, Dylan shared several photos of Oliver alongside his big brother.

Earlier this year, she told TODAY that the bond between her two sons is already strong.

“We wake up and Calvin immediately wants to kiss him and he wants to hold his hand all the time, but, you know, a 3-year-old is a little not so gentle," she said.

“You guys know that was my concern, was how Calvin was going to handle everything," Dylan added. "He comes home from school and he wants to hug him."