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Why people think Buckingham Palace is sending a message about Meghan Markle’s jam

The palace recently released a video advertising its own strawberry preserves.
/ Source: TODAY

It appears the royal family is getting into the strawberry jam business.

The Buckingham Palace shop shared an Instagram video April 24 highlighting its Buckingham Palace Strawberry Preserve, noting their product is made “using only the finest berries and is delicious served in a variety of ways.”

The video shows the strawberry spread, which the shop has sold for some time now, being slathered onto croissants, crumpets and toast. 

Some commenters on the video wondered whether the Buckingham Palace shop was attempting to out-jam Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who released her own brand of strawberry jam last week. 

However, this royal jam may not come with any tea.

The palace has advertised its strawberry preserve on Instagram multiple times over the years, along with other varieties of preserves and condiments, so this video isn’t necessarily related to the release of the former Meghan Markle’s latest product drop.

Further, the video is part of a series with a similar format. Others are devoted to teatime traditions and the Buckingham Palace umbrella.

TODAY has reached out for comment from the Royal Collection, which manages the royal gift shops for Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood Palace, and has not heard back at the time of publication.

Last spring, the palace featured a jar of their official Strawberry Preserve in a post for British Mother’s Day. 

The same product also featured in an Instagram post from February 2023, along with the palace shop’s Scottish Heather Honey and Fine Cut Marmalade.

King Charles III’s private home, Highgrove, also sells strawberry preserve via its official online gift shop, so selling sweet spreadables is something of a royal tradition.

Meghan’s strawberry jam hasn’t officially been released to the public, but she soft-launched the product earlier this month when she sent 50 jars with hand-labeled batch numbers to friends and influencers. 

Kris Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and Mindy Kaling are among the celebrities who have apparently received jars of Meghan’s new condiment.

To get into the sticky details, it’s unclear whether Meghan’s new spread is a jam or a preserve; preserves have bigger chunks of fruit, while jams tend to be smoother. 

In any case, the jars that popped up on social media all bore the American Riviera Orchard brand name, along with a monogram-style logo.

According to a recently filed trademark application, the American Riviera Orchard brand may be set to offer a wide range of edible products down the line, including jams, butters, tea and coffee.

The trademark application also lists a wide variety of non-edible lifestyle products, including shampoos, cosmetics, tableware, pet products and more.