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Bacon shortage?! Find out what it means for your favorite breakfast food

Americans may be divided when it comes to politics, but there's one thing that unites us: bacon.
/ Source: TODAY

Americans may be divided when it comes to politics, current events and just who deserves a rose — and who doesn't — on "The Bachelor," but there's one thing that unites us: bacon.

From that crackling sound in the pan as it cooks, to the smoky, savory and sometimes sweet taste, to that perfect part-crispy, part-chewy texture — bacon brings us together around the breakfast table.

Or it did!

There's bad news, bacon lovers. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the nation's bacon reserves are at a 59-year low.

Supplies of frozen pork belly — aka, the part of the pig most bacon comes from — totaled just 17.8 million pounds in December of 2016, the lowest inventory since 1957.

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The problem: that aforementioned, near universal love for it. In other words, we're eating it faster than farmers can replace it.

A bowl of bacon? Why not.Eskymaks / Shutterstock / Eskymaks

"Today’s pig farmers are setting historic records by producing more pigs than ever,” Rich Deaton, president of the Ohio Pork Council, said in a press release sent out Tuesday. "Yet our reserves are still depleting.”

But take heart! Deaton insists "the pork industry will not run out of supply." However, he added, "bacon may become more expensive for consumers."

Our advice? Make every slice count. To help with that, here are 25 mouthwatering bacon recipes you need to try right now.