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A designer turned a pasta box into a bag — and it costs a pretty penne

No really, he did, and it's kind of awesome.
Would you rock a pasta-inspired purse?
Would you rock a pasta-inspired purse?Courtesy Nik Bentel
/ Source: TMRW

If penne is your passion, have we got the bag for you.

Designer Nik Bentel turned a Barilla pasta box into a crossbody bag and the limited-edition release is retailing for $199.

The price is hard to swallow, yes, but the bag is actually made of leather and not an actual cardboard pasta box. As it turns out, Bentel used UV-printing technology to print the Barilla design on the one-of-a-kind bag.

We have to admit it, the pasta bag is kind of tempting.
We have to admit it, the pasta bag is kind of tempting.Courtesy Nik Bentel

If your love for pasta runs pretty deep and you simply have to own the bag, you'll have to act fast. Bentel only made 100 of the limited-edition purses and once they sell out, the designer has no plans to produce any more of them.

The handbag even comes with a special themed box.
The handbag even comes with a special themed box.Courtesy Nik Bentel

According to a press release, the pasta bag is described as an "irreverent take on the past year of staying inside" and is not actually affiliated with Barilla. Bentel told TMRW he was inspired to create the unique design last year.

"I came up with the idea during the worst of the pandemic while staring at the box of pasta in my cabinet. During the worst months of the pandemic, just about everyone had a similar experience of staring at this box of pasta, so why not try to reimagine the pasta's purpose into something a little more exciting?" the New York-based designer said.

The leather bag looks just like a Barilla pasta box.
The leather bag looks just like a Barilla pasta box.Courtesy Nik Bentel

The bag is currently available for pre-order on Bentel's website and will go on sale Aug. 11 at 10 a.m.

When Twitter users heard about the unconventional handbag, many of them said they'd totally rock the cool accessory.

Some social media users had a bit of fun with one person asking if there would be a gluten-free version of the bag.

Other folks suggested that the bag should come with some pasta to snack on.

Overall, people seemed pretty amused by the design, but some still thought it was a bit too pricey for their budget.

Either way, you have to admit, it's one heck of a way to show off your passion for pasta.