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Channing Tatum to return for final 'Magic Mike' movie — see his announcement

There's also an HBO Max reality series, for all you fans of perfect pecs.
/ Source: TODAY

Has it really been more than six years since we last enjoyed Channing Tatum and the men of the "Magic Mike" franchise?

Well, that's all about to change: On Monday, Tatum announced that he and the "stripperverse" were coming back for one last gyration in "Magic Mike's Last Dance."

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Channing Tatum (c.) and Matt Bomer (r.) in "Magic Mike."Alamy Stock Photo

Here's what we know so far:

Yes, this is happening!

"Well world, looks like Mike Lane’s tapping back in," Tatum wrote on Twitter, tagging HBO Max, and posted the first page of the "Last Dance" script:

Who's coming back?

The shirtless brigade will include Tatum back as Mike Lane, original film director Steven Soderbergh at the helm, and franchise screenwriter Reid Carolin penning the script. "Magic Mike XXL" director Gregory Jacobs return to produce.

Joe Manganiello and Tatum in "Magic Mike XXL."Alamy Stock Photo

"There are no words for how excited I am to blow the doors off of the world of 'Magic Mike' with Steven, Greg, Reid, and the amazing people at HBO Max," Tatum said in a release. "The stripperverse will never be the same."

Where can we see it?

Looks like HBO Max has won the prize. Speaking of which...

There's a reality show?

Why not? After the first two films took in almost $300 million worldwide, the "Magic Mike Live" show launched in Las Vegas, and eventually spread around the world. (A national tour is coming in 2022.)

Well, those dances aren't going to dance themselves, so it's time to get some fresh faces and more shirtless bodies on that stage: The live shows have inspired "Finding Magic Mike," a series that follows 10 men who get their mojo back while learning to perform. The winner will have a chance to dance in "Magic Mike Live," and the series begins premiering on HBO Max on Dec. 16.

"As soon as I saw what Channing, Reid, and the 'Magic Mike' choreographic team did with the live show, I said, 'We have to make another movie,'" said Soderbergh. "Mike Lane’s dream of connecting people through dance must be realized."

Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in "Magic Mike."Alamy Stock Photo

What exactly is "Magic Mike" about?

Oh, you sweet summer child. Plot is not really the thing people come to the "Magic Mike" films for but here it is in a nutshell: In the original 2012 film, Mike is a star stripper in Tampa, Florida, at a club owned by big dreamer Dallas. Eventually, Mike exits the stripping business, but the call of the wild is too much to bear, and rejoins the gang to go out with a bang for "XXL." Drugs, frozen yogurt and furniture stores all play a part.

There's no release date just yet, but we're already working on our abs and dance moves!