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My glasses look brand new thanks to this $12 box of cleaning wipes

They leave my glasses squeaky clean and streak free.
Before and After of dirty and then clean glasses
Courtesy Becca Delman
/ Source: TODAY

I’ll never forget the day I learned I needed glasses. I was the sixth grade and had been having trouble seeing the chalkboard clearly for a while. Glasses styles weren’t nearly as chic as they are now, so I wasn’t exactly jazzed by the idea of wearing them every day.

Over the years, I’ve come to embrace my glasses and now rock some pretty sweet thick-rimmed frames. As much as I love them, I do have one major complaint: They get dirty ALL the time. Even if I wear them all day long without touching them once, my glasses still seem filthy at the end of the day.

I've tried countless cleaning wipes and cloths over the years, and none of them have ever left a lasting impression — until I started using Bausch & Lomb Lens Cleaning Tissues. My dad bought them a couple of years ago, intending to use them on his own glasses, but soon enough I took over the box and started using the wipes constantly.

Bausch & Lomb Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

The first thing I noticed about the Bausch & Lomb wipes was their plastic packaging. Most wipes I’d used before came in paper packaging and seemed to dry out quickly. I was happy to find that the plastic packaging seemed to seal in the moisture. In other words, I don’t have to worry about opening up a wipe only to discover that it’s all dried out!

Unlike many other wipes I've tried, these ones aren't flimsy and are folded in a way that equally distributes the cleaning solution all over the lens. Every time I use one, my glasses are instantly refreshed and streak-free. And as an added benefit, the wipes also do a pretty great job of cleaning my phone!

eye glasses wipes
My thick-rimmed glasses are never far from one of these convenient wipes. Courtesy of Chrissy Callahan

I’ve used microfiber cloths to clean my glasses before, and a few of them have done a pretty decent job. However, sometimes using a cloth always seems like I’m rubbing dirt on dirt and just spreading the gunk around my glasses rather than removing it. Since I’m a bit of a germaphobe, I appreciate that fresh feeling that only comes from using an alcohol-based cleaning solution, so these wipes are just about perfect for me.

At $12 for a box of 100, these wipes are reasonably priced, and one box lasts me a couple of months. Of course, it also helps that they’re compact and portable, so I can stash a few in my bag wherever I go.