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Show off your #CurlPower! Send us photos of your lovely locks


Ditch the flat iron. TODAY wants to see your natural curly look!

All week long, we want you to get behind your #CurlPower and embrace your lovely locks just as they are.

TODAY producer Rachel DeLima and daughter Bea are already on board.


"I used to get my hair blown out every time I went to the salon and I started to notice my daughter was thinking mommy’s hair straight is better than mommy’s hair curly," DeLima explained. "I didn’t want to give her the wrong message so I have literally stopped having my hair blown out. I walk out of the salon with wet curls. I want my daughter to love her curls."

Tweet or Instagram @TODAYshow a picture of your locks with the hashtag #CurlPower. We may show your pics on air and online during our three-day series, sponsored by Dove Hair.

Read the terms of submission and check out some of the great submissions we've seen so far!

Look at these curls I love it! Today is also her 10 #BIRTHDAY! My precious gift! #curlpower #dovehairToday
My beautiful little sister Brandy and all of her lovely locks.Today






My oldest curly-haired girl. #CurlPowerToday
#curlpower took me years to accept this. I'm there now.Today
I never embraced my curls until I was older. Now I am embracing my daughters #curlPowerToday