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Whose dressing room is messier? Sheinelle and Dylan compare

Craig Melvin believes there's a clear winner for the dubious honor.
/ Source: TODAY

Craig Melvin did some detective work to get to the bottom of the burning question on TODAY Thursday.

Who has the messier dressing room, Sheinelle Jones or Dylan Dreyer?

Craig pointed out that there's been "a narrative woven here at the show for years" that Sheinelle is the clear winner in that competition, but a trip to both of their dressing rooms on Wednesday showed a formidable challenger to her crown has arisen.

Once Craig saw Dylan's dressing room strewn with clothes and makeup products, he knew he had an important task.

Craig Melvin has declared that Dylan Dreyer's dressing room (above) has taken the crown from Sheinelle Jones when it comes to being the messiest. TODAY

"I immediately hustled over to Sheinelle's to apologize to her face," Craig said.

Dylan immediately mounted a defense.

"I try on dresses," she said. "I have an event to go to, and I was seeing what still fits because not a lot of things fit right now!"

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Dylan was referring to the fact that she is expecting her third child in November, so her changing body also means a change in some of her clothes. She also has bigger things like picking out baby names to worry about than keeping a spotless dressing room.

A look at Sheinelle Jones' dressing room shows she's not far behind Dylan in the messy category. TODAY

"It's about the baby," Sheinelle said.

"Pregnancy card," Craig joked.

A side-by-side comparison of Dylan and Sheinelle's dressing rooms showed that it was a tight competition, with Dylan edging out Sheinelle for a dubious honor. Dylan would also like to clarify that there is a big difference between "messy" and "dirty."

"You caught me on a bad day," Dylan said.

"Just so you guys know, I feel so vindicated," a beaming Sheinelle said. "Thank you, you're forgiven."