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Nose warmers are now a thing, and we totally want one

Would you wear one?
/ Source: TODAY

Winter is coming and, if you're constantly cold, you know the struggle is real. For years, the cold-blooded among us have sought a solution to one of winter's greatest annoyances — a cold nose to no avail.

Until now.

One very clever British company has created nose warmers to help shield cold noses everywhere from the harsh elements, and all we can say is: Why didn't we think of this ourselves?

The Nose Warmer Company came about after its owner realized she wasn't the only person struggling with a "nippy nose." From there, the brilliant brand went on to create an array of colorful little nose caps made of a variety of materials (think fleece and wool).

There's a fun collection of faux fur nose warmers — you know, in case you need a finishing touch for your Halloween costume.

Nose warmers retail for about $10.
Nose warmers retail for about $10.

There are also some warm, vibrant wool ones, too, for the extra cold nose.

They ship all around the world, too.
They ship all around the world, too.

They've even got some fun holiday designs, like this Christmas one for guys, complete with a little bell.

Hello, holiday cheer!
Hello, holiday cheer!

Sure, nose warmers might seem a little silly, but they're also kind of genius if you think about it. Whenever you step out into the elements, your nose always gets chilly right away, and it's typically the last part of your body you consider covering up.

Need one for yourself? Nose warmers sell for $10 each and tie easily at the back of the head with the help of crochet ties. The brand offers free shipping within the U.K. and also ships worldwide for just $4! In other words, consider your Christmas shopping handled.

Now the real question is: Would you wear a nose warmer?