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This otherworldly half-moon nail art is easier than you think

If you are over the moon for nail art, this design is easier than you think.
/ Source: TODAY

Half-moon nail art is a favorite design choice at fancy nail salons across the country. But what if we can't afford to visit the salon? Is this look off limits?

Not necessarily. The half-moon, a sexy spin on a classic look, is simply two contrasting shades of nail polish with one placed at the tip and the other at the base. It sounds kind like a French manicure, right?

Well, it sort of is, except much bolder and funkier. As for how bold or edgy you take this look, it's largely about which color contrasts you choose.

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The experts at Paintbox in New York City shared the easiest tutorial with TODAY to create this half-moon look on your own. No nail tech required!

H is for ... Half moon

half moon gif

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat. Allow to dry.

2. Grab your favorite hue of nail polish and paint the entire nail.

3. Using a detail brush, outline a semi-circle shape at the base of the nail.

Pro tip: If you want to try a negative space look, just paint a clear base coat over the nail and before creating the semi-circle.

4. Use the polish bottle brush to fill in the moon shape.

5. Apply top coat and allow to dry.

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