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Crocs with fanny packs are a thing thanks to new collaboration

Comfort and convenience just took on a whole new meaning.
Would you wear this hybrid style?
Would you wear this hybrid style?beams_official/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

From socks to high heels to even designer fashion runways, we thought we’d seen every type of Crocs imaginable.

Now the gardening clog company — whose latest innovations also include platform clogs and "massage" sandals — is once again encouraging you to “come as you are” (its official tagline) with fanny packs.

In case you assume that this is a DIY project from a big fan of both comfortable Crocs and convenient fanny packs, let us set the record straight: They are being sold by the brand as one cohesive unit.

So, what's the deal? Crocs collaborated with Japanese clothing brand Beams to create a footwear collection, which includes a pair of their famous clogs with an attached zipper pouch along the back strap for stashing small essentials (such as keys, money and your go-to lip salve) while you’re planting tomatoes, washing the car, running errands, etc. — the possibilities are truly endless!

Beams announced the collaboration with an Instagram post of pictures, leading with a photo of the fanny pack-toting clogs that are available in two color schemes.

Learn more about the Bespoke Pocket Crog ($53) and more styles — including fringed, bejeweled platforms and, here’s where it gets even more interesting, sun visor-clad styles — on the official Beams website.