Bobbie's Buzz: Transform yourself with makeup on Halloween

Yes, you can create Hollywood-worthy special effects like a pro — and it's much easier than you may think. Not only can cosmetics be more cost effective than a costume, they can also give you a bigger transformation. TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas rounds up the best product picks for Halloween.  


Best blank canvas
Clown White by Ben Nye is an iconic formula: the soft, easy-to-apply texture is a favorite among professionals. It's great for ghosts, ghouls and zombies, but also fairies, unicorns and more! Set with powder for long-lasting results, and get rid of it with makeup remover ($3.99,


Bumps and bruises
3D FX Transfers are instant, latex-free prosthetics you can apply with water — no glue necessary. You can create vampire fang bites, "Housewives" duck lips, "Edward Scissorhands" scars, and more in seconds ($12 to $17,


Go bald or beyond
And if you're looking to lose your hair or alter your face shape à la Lady Gaga, Mehron's theatre makeup is an easy way to make that a reality. Their fool-proof fixes and formulas have been around for 80 years. Extra Flesh could be used to build alien features, wrinkles, and fake skin similar to my Meryl Streep-inspired twisted-neck illusion from the movie "Death Becomes Her." ($5 to $20,

If the special effects you desire are extreme, consider being an accessory and rely on All Blown Up for a life-sized stand-in ($35 and up,

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