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Bobbie's Buzz: Solutions to keep those resolutions all year long

Making a resolution is easy, but keeping one is another story. TODAY Style Editor and all-around Professional Girlfriend Bobbie Thomas shares ways to help you stay on track.

Resolution: Stop slouching

Solution: Carry a high-tech posture coach

Parents have been reminding children not to slouch for generations. After all, standing taller and sitting up straight exudes a strong self-confidence. But if you've happened to let your posture slide over the years, the Lumo Lift can help you get back on track. The small device clips onto your clothing — on collars and lapels or tank top and bra straps — and gently vibrates to remind you to realign if you're in a poor position. The high-tech accessory also tracks the amount of steps you've taken, calories you've burned and distance you've traveled throughout the day. ($99.99,

Resolution: Stress less

Solution: DIY Massagers


For many of us, going back to work after the holidays means hunching over the keyboard, simultaneously using various other devices while staring at multiple screens. For others, the holiday hubbub simply may have left you in knots. Either way, there are gadgets designed to help alleviate your aches and pains. The Restore Total Body Massage Roller is a long, stick-like mechanism featuring four independently spinning tubes to reduce sore muscles and improve circulation ($19.98, Another tension reliever, the BodyworksBall, can help relieve stress in your feet, neck and back. Simply wedge the specially designed ball between yourself and the nearest wall, then roll back and forth. An added incentive? It gets you up and away from your desk for a few extra minutes during the day. ($34.99,

Resolution: Stay organized  

Solution: Paperless note pad


Typing down notes may be convenient, but research suggests that we remember things better when we physically write them down. If you find that your smartphone isn't exactly helping you become smarter, you're probably not imagining it. Instead, try an on-the-go, paperless notepad like a writing tablet from Boogie Boards. You get all the benefits of writing without any of the environmental waste — or chance of misplacing a note. ($29 & up, A chic and stationary alternative for office desks and bedside tables is the Stainless Steel To-Do Board from the Container Store, which works just like a dry-erase board and has a handy, extra compartment for letters and envelopes ($12.99,

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