Bobbie's Buzz: New ways to make waves

TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas tests the latest hair stylers for your summertime strands.

Give yourself a bouncy blow-dry with Click 'n Curl.

Bombshell blow-dry
There's no doubt Click 'n Curl was inspired by the multiple brushes many pros simultaneously juggle to achieve the perfect bouncy blowout. While your hair sections set and cool, it's a wonder stylists can work a hair dryer around the various brush handles sticking out at every angle.

For those of us without this octopus-like ability, the Click 'n Curl system aims to help with its detachable heads that double as rollers. Simply wind your locks around the brush and then click to release the roller. Each one is designed to retain heat, helping set your style in place without the medusa-esque obstacle course ($34.98,

Air Curler will turn and twist your locks.

Tousled tresses
Next up, The Air Curler, a wind tunnel meets suction cup contraption, that attaches to your hair dryer. When the heated air hits the cylinder, tresses will twirl and twist into the 'spinning vortex' to create loose, beachy waves. After testing this myself, I will say it does do what it claims, but the Air Curler works best on medium length or longer layers when hair is slightly damp. Just be willing to have patience and some flexibility to achieve the maximum effect ($14.99,

Give your hair an instant lift with Bombshell Beauty's Beehive in a Snap.

Va-va-voom volume
If your roots need a boost, look no further than Bombshell Beauty's Beehive in a Snap. The soft pad can be clipped onto the crown of your head and covered with hair, adding '60s inspired volume that's less Snooky and more Bridgette Bardot ($19.99,

And recently, I've found another way to hold up your hair this summer. Just before my wedding reception, I tried slipping on one of my Christie Lauren crystal headbands backwards ( To my surprise and delight, my teased updo felt more secure with the extra support from underneath, while offering an unexpected bit of bling from behind! Christie's pieces in particular helped because they were made from bendable wire that could be adjusted. Whether you try the same trick or not, don't be afraid to experiment with accessories to help pull your tresses up or back.