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This baseball cap is made for women with curly hair — and it's genius

Finally, there's a solution for women who struggle to fit their curls or afros beneath a baseball cap, thanks to Ivy Park.
/ Source: TODAY

Curly hair can be a struggle — especially when you're trying to look cute in a baseball cap.

Women with curly hair or afros know the plight: There's no easy way to fit a mound of curls beneath a baseball hat, or to pull a puffy ponytail through the small slot in the back. And heaven forbid you need to take it off, because hat hair isn't pretty.

Velvet Backless Cap by Ivy Park
Many curly-haired women are thrilled to find out that this hat exists.

Sure, a curly-haired gal could iron her hair into submission, but that's an arduous task if you're only going to cover it up with a baseball cap. And why flatten those gorgeous, natural curls? Finally, there's a solution: a backless hat.

We can't say we're surprised that we have Beyoncé to thank. The backless baseball cap comes from Ivy Park, the superstar's activewear line, and fans were quick to rejoice online, sharing a common sentiment: finally.

From the front, the "chili" red velvet cap looks like a regular baseball hat. But from the side, the difference is clear: It's basically half a baseball cap, so curls can run wild. There's a strap that goes around the back of the head to keep the hat in place.

Of course, you could always just wear a visor, but if you want the look of a baseball cap, here's your solution.

The $35 hat is so popular, it's already sold out on, where Ivy Park sells its products. The company hasn't yet responded to TODAY Style's request for comment, but considering the huge response the hat has gotten, we wouldn't be surprised if it's back in stock in no time.