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What's the secret to frizz-free curls? Turns out it's in your kitchen

Want to know how to style curly hair? This is easiest way to tame the frizz.
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone with curly hair knows the constant battle with frizz.

But what if we told you that you could have frizz-free, luscious curls every day (even during the high-humidity months)? Now wouldn't that be music to our ears.

Ambush Makeover's own Arsen Gurgov of Licari Cutler Salon has one of the easiest tricks for taking your curls from frizzy to fabulous. The secret? Chopsticks. Yes, really.

What you'll need:

1. Chopsticks

Pro tip: If you're curls are bigger, you might want to think about using a wider object, like the handle of a wooden spoon. Just make sure the item isn't plastic.

2. A flat iron.

3. Your favorite drugstore hand lotion.

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Here's what you do:

1. Break apart the chopsticks. You'll only need one of the pair.

Pro tip: You won't have to do all of your strands. Gurgov explained that curls trends to be very inconsistent, so just look for straighter pieces on the top layer.

Frizzy to fabulous hair
When it comes to curly hair, some pieces will be straighter. That's where this trick comes in handy.TODAY

2. Wrap the curl around the chopstick.

Frizzy to fabulous hair
It's as simple as wrapping your hair around the chopstick. Think of it like a curling wand. TODAY

3. Take a flatiron and press it over the hair, working your way down the chopstick.

Frizzy to fabulous hair
Gently press the flatiron down on the chopstick. And this is exactly why you should avoid plastic. TODAY

4. Let it cool and remove the chopstick by pulling it through the curl.

Frizzy to fabulous hair
Chopsticks really are the secret to gorgeous curls!TODAY

5. Repeat throughout your head.

6. Once you're done, grab some hand lotion. It will lightly coat your strands and clam any additional frizz. Flip your hair forward and run your fingers through. Any leftover lotion will moisturize your hands!

Pro tip: Shake the hair at the roots for added volume.

Frizzy to fabulous hair
Drugstore hand lotion will be your hair's new BFF. TODAY

7. Voila, you've got even, frizz-free curls!

Frizzy to fabulous hair

Next time you order Chinese takeout, be sure to save those chopsticks! They're your new best hair tool.