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9 baby products every new mom needs (even if she doesn't know it yet)

As a mom, I know that looking good isn't really possible unless you've mastered the art of efficiency with your kids.
/ Source: TODAY

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I'm usually your go-to authority for beauty and fashion trends and products to keep you looking your best. As a mom, I know that's all the more difficult when little ones are running around. Here are my favorite new products that'll keep you going — even after an all-nighter thanks to teething.

Non-tip tote


Lightweight strollers are convenient, but if you've ever hung a loaded shopping bag on a handle, you know that the weight can often tip them over. SureShop bags were created by a mom of three to secure onto the frame, helping distribute weight toward the stroller's center of gravity. Extra clips allow the bags to be used on a variety of items including shopping carts, bicycles and more. ($15.95,

Hands-free hero

Rachel Zoe

Anyone with a little wiggly one knows how helpful it is to be hands-free when on the go. Quinny's sturdy travel hero is only 12 pounds and can be collapsed or unfolded with just one hand. Once folded, simply sling it over your shoulder thanks to a comfy, stretchy strap. The hammock seat is made from water- and dirt-repellent material and available in six stylish colors. ($69-279,

No-mess meals

Tray Amigo

Tray Amigo is designed to prevent food, cups, utensils and toys from flying out of a baby's reach and onto the floor. The mesh guard can be attached to all kinds of trays, from highchairs and strollers to car seats and more. ($34.95,

Familiar faces

Pinhole Press

Those small, flashcard-like books are popular for helping tots learn numbers, colors and names of animals. Similarly, these customized books from Pinhole Press can help your little one associate familiar faces with names. Just upload pics of grandma, dad, Fido and others you want your baby to know and they'll send you a personalized creation. ($34.99 and up,

Handy helpers


For those afraid to use traditional nail files or clippers on a baby, Zoli's battery operated Buzz B gently vibrates to trim your little one's nails without harming the surrounding skin. When he or she needs some TLC for their aching gums, the Chubby Gummy is a great teething toy that eases discomfort while introducing the feel of a future toothbrush. ($35,

Popular plushes

Little Baby Bum

In case you haven't heard, Little Baby Bum is the seventh most popular YouTube channel in the world with approximately 500 million views per month! A legitimate life saver for many parents, the characters from the series have now come to life in plush, singing stuffed animal form. ($19.99 and up,

Bum brushes


Yes, there is a more gentle and efficient way to apply diaper rash cream. Baby Bum Brushes are made from soft silicone and offer better coverage with the added plus of not having to rinse your hands and fingernails after every change. ($7.99,


Baby pajamas

Burt's Bees is celebrating four years of organic baby clothing. Beyond it's beginnings as a candle company and personal care line, the brand has swarmed our hearts with their butter-soft basics for babies and kids. With "buzz" already being a special theme in our lives, Miles naturally has a sweet spot for their PJs. ($12.95 and up,

Mealtime must-have

Best baby bibs

My personal favorite for feeding time is OXO's Roll-up Bib and On-the-Go Spoon Set. A soft, squish-able pocket catches crumbs that miss little mouths, while the food-grade, silicone-coated spoon is perfect for baby's soft gums. The best part: Toss the spoon inside the pocket and roll it to go on your way or, more likely, straight to the sink for clean up! ($16.99,