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/ Source: TODAY
By Bobbie Thomas

Shopping for rain gear is typically more of an obligatory ordeal than a chance to flex your style muscles. But we believe it can — and should — be both a fun and practical endeavor. That's why TODAY Style Editor Bobbie Thomas is here to help you get ready for the rainy season with some smart waterproof gear.

On-the-go jackets


A rain coat isn't super helpful if it's hanging in your closet during a downpour, which is why Uniqlo's Pocketable Hooded Jacket is a smart find for the spring season. The thin, longer-length, water-resistant style folds into small square for easy portability. Other smart details include a back vent (no uncomfortable dampness!), a mesh carrying case, and a cinched waist that offers a more tailored, feminine look. ($49.90,

Smart spring shoes


Native Shoes for kids and adults are made with soft, flexible EVA which gives them a cool, cushy feel and are also washable, waterproof, and odor-resistant. They're perfect for muddy (or messy) outdoor spring adventures. ($30 & up,

Staying in the city? Totes' Puddle flats have all the benefits you'd find in a traditional, clunky rainboot packed into a sleek and chic shoe. They're lightweight and comfortable so you can wear them all day, and what's more, they're fold-able for packing purposes. ($55,

You can also puddle-proof any shoes you currently own with protectants. Gear Aid's ReviveX waterproofing products offer great high tech protection for your footwear. Since materials like nubuck and suede are particularly sensitive to nature's elements, consider trying their fabric spray option to combat wear and tear. For more durable shoes, like those made from leather, their gel and conditioner offers both stain-fighting and waterproofing benefits. ($8.50, Waterproofing Spray; Leather Gel Repellant)

Elevated umbrellas


Blunt Umbrella's clever design aims to solve multiple rainy day problems. The umbrellas are compact, meaning you can always keep them with you in case of a surprise shower. And Blunt's canopy remains taut and strong, even during gusts up to 55 mph. Last but not least, these umbrellas have no sharp points around the edges. That's good news for you ... and for the eyeballs of people around you. ($59 & up,

Another wet weather pet peeve? Dragging a dripping umbrella around a store or into your car. Instant Dry Umbrellas aim to be "wet-free," featuring a special water-repellent fabric that lets you to knock off lingering droplets with a swift shake. ($48,

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