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How to get rid of sagging skin, troubled tresses and gnarly nails in a flash

From hair to skin to nails, TODAY style expert Bobbie Thomas shares quick solutions to even the most frustrating beauty problems.
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If it's the little things that have you down, keep your chin up — for even the most distressing beauty woes, there's always a strategy. We can't make magic happen, but we can come pretty close. From troubled tresses to sagging skin, here are quick solutions to frustrating beauty problems.

For your skin ...


If you're interested in (but a little afraid of) fillers — injections into the hollow parts of your face — you may want to consider Estée Lauder's Dimension Expert Liquid Tape. Apply around brows, beneath eyes, on cheekbones or anywhere you want to feel a tightening sensation. Polymers in the product form an invisible film that subtly makes skin more taut, an effect similar to hiding tape under your hairline. ($70,

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Dr. Brandt's Needles No More 3D Filler Mask can also help minimize facial wrinkles and creases. Just brush it on in the spots that need plumping, and let it dry to re-fill and re-volumize. ($95,

For your hair ...

Rita Hazan

Having worked on Beyonce and Madonna, celebrity colorist Rita Hazan is no stranger to hair that's been through it all. So it's no surprise that her latest solutions have been eagerly anticipated, particularly Triple Threat Split End Remedy. This multi-tasker seals, repairs, and prevents future damage, while rice proteins preserve color and protect against fading — helpful during dry, harsh winter weather. ($30,

For your nails ...

Naked Manicure

A first, Zoya's Naked Manicure Perfector in Lavender applies the concept of makeup to your manicure. Revolutionary, no? In addition to filling in bumps, scratches and ridges to make your nails look smoother, it cleverly employs a purple tint to counteract yellow stains and discoloration and create the illusion of a naturally healthy nail. ($10,

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