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These shower steamers make every shower feel like a spa day — grab them for 40% off

Add them to your night routine for an affordable way to de-stress, relax and boost your mood.
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My life has been more stressful than usual this month. My kids are back to school after the holiday, which, as a home-school mom, means my daily to-do lists have gotten a lot longer. Our house has also been undergoing a ton of renovations — so many that, when I try to sleep at night, I can still hear hammering and drilling inside my brain. Add in the start of Valentine's Day shopping, and I've got myself a scary trifecta of anxiety.

Before reaching my breaking point, I decided it was time to treat myself to an at-home spa day. Pop on a sheet mask ... Binge my favorite Netflix show ... Maybe even light a few candles to set the mood. All of these worked wonders in creating a more tranquil environment, however, none of them equaled the soothing effects that I experienced with the ZenTyme Moments Shower Steamers.

I decided to order the luxury shower steamers after noticing all the buzz surrounding them on Amazon. I had hoped they would add some relaxation (and maybe some headache relief) to my bedtime routine.

ZenTyme Moments Luxury Shower Steamers

The first thing I noticed when the product arrived was the stunning packaging: Beautiful blue, teal and white designs decorated the tiny box, which slid open to reveal a set of six steamers. The second thing I noticed was the gorgeous scent that wafted from the box upon opening it.

Although each of the steamers are individually wrapped to preserve their essential oils and fragrance, I was immediately hit with a lovely hint of citrus. In the past, I've been let down by similar products, either for their cheap smell or lack of potency. That's definitely not the case with the ZenTyme steamers, which offer the same scent intensity as my powerful oil diffuser.

If you don't trust your nose to choose a scent for your shower, beneath each disc is a description of the fragrance and what its aromatherapy blend will help you achieve. That natural hint of citrus I first picked up came from a blend of the "Lemongrass" and "Grapefruit and Orange" scents, which are designed to energize your body and uplift your spirit, according to the brand. "Jasmine and Vanilla" promises to rejuvenate and melt away stress. And if you're in need of a mood booster, you might want to pick up the "Watermelon and Lemonade" option.

Image of Writer Terri Peters holding a set of 6 tablets, from an aromatherapy shower steamer set
The hardest part was choosing which shower steamer to try first — all of them smelled amazing!Courtesy Terri Peters

The first time I tried the steamers, I chose the "Jasmine and Vanilla" tablet and carefully followed the instructions on the box. First, turn on a hot shower and give it a few minutes to run until there's steam in your bathroom. Next, place the steamer disc in the shower where water can hit it. Finally, enjoy an impressive aromatherapy experience. That's it!

Better than the easy-to-follow instructions are the size and function of these steamers. They're non-slip, so you never have to worry about them getting in the way. I just place mine off to the side where the water flow can reach it. I also think it lasts longer if it's not sitting directly under a stream of hot water.

The best part is that they break down fast and are designed to leave shower floors stain-free, meaning there's no messy cleanup to deal with afterwards. Sometimes I notice just a bit of powder left behind after the steamer dissolves, but I just move it around with my foot and it goes right down the drain — which I know is OK to do because the brand says these steamers are safe for septic systems.

It takes about 10 minutes for each tablet to fully dissolve, leaving me to believe that they'd last for more than one shower if you're conservative. I also read a few Amazon reviews that recommend cutting each disc in half to get two full showers out of one — something I can totally see working based on how much fragrance power is packed into each steamer.

They're non-slip and never leave behind unflattering residue.
They're non-slip and never leave behind unflattering residue.

These shower steamers give off the perfect amount of fragrance — strong enough that you can really take it in during your shower, but not overpowering. ZenTyme truly follows through with its promise to "ignite your aromatherapy senses" by giving me a boost of energy or a strong feeling of relaxation, depending on the type of steamer I choose. The scent will even linger in the air for a couple hours post-shower, so I can continue to feel calm and soothed while moving onto the rest of my night routine.

Don't just take my word for it. Over 2,200 reviewers agree that these shower steamers provide a five-star pampering experience — in fact, one actually felt like they were on a summer holiday.

"Want to go on a vacation but can't leave the house? Pop one of these in the shower and BAM — you are on an island drinking a piña colada with waves crashing on the shore," they raved.

Another couldn't stop talking about the decadent scent and luxurious packaging, saying, "I couldn't wait to use these after opening the package because the fragrance was noticeable straight away ... Showering will never be the same again for me."

Now, if you need me, I'll be the one hanging the "Do Not Disturb" sign on her bathroom door. I need the head-clearing help of another "Jasmine and Vanilla" shower steamer if I ever plan on getting through an entire day with my energetic kiddos tomorrow.