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This $10 hack promises to turn any sneaker into slip-ons — so I tried it

These no-tie shoelaces have more than 14,000 five-star ratings!
Courtesy Emma Stessman

You never really realize how much time something takes out of your day until you don't have to do it anymore.

For example, I recently discovered how much quicker it is to get out the door in the morning when I don't have to stop to tie my shoes. And it's all because I traded the traditional laces on two of my favorite pairs of sneakers for elastic versions.

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System

The Xpand No Tie Shoelaces are stretchier than your standard laces and instantly transform any shoe into a slip-on. Simply put: Once you put them on, you never have to worry about tying your shoes or tripping on loose laces again.

They're easy to install

The first thing you'll need to do is install the small plastic "anchors," which are meant to hold the laces in place. Attaching them is simple: String each lace through the shoe's eyelets like you normally would, but make sure the lace ends up on the inside of the shoe on the last hole. Next, thread the lace through the two holes in the anchor. Then, snap the lace through the slot at the end of the anchor to lock it in place and cut off the excess. This may sound a little complicated, but it's actually quite easy. Plus, there are helpful images on the back of the package that show you step-by-step instructions.

Pro tip: Wear your shoes while putting on the laces and installing the anchors. I would also suggest walking around in them for a few minutes to test the snugness before making the final cut. I didn't do that the first time around, and throughout the day, my feet started feeling a little uncomfortable from how tight the laces were. Thankfully, I listened to the brand's suggestion to leave a couple of inches of excess lace when cutting and was able to adjust them.

Courtesy Emma Stessman

The anchors fit right between the inside of the collar of the shoe and the tongue, so they're hidden, and you don't feel them when you're walking around. I've also done a fair share of walking in my shoes since I first put them on, and they haven't budged.

The brand says that they work on any shoe

After seeing how well the no-tie laces worked on my favorite pair of casual sneakers, I ordered another set to try on my running shoes. The brand says they work for all shoe types, but I had a hard time believing that the little plastic anchor would keep the laces in place while I was exercising. But so far, I've worn them during a HIIT class and a few long walks, and they've stayed put. Even better, my shoes felt comfortable the whole time.

Courtesy Emma Stessman

As someone who never double-knots their shoes — I have pretty short nails, so I struggle to get them untied — I often have to stop and re-tie them throughout the day. So, I appreciate that with these laces, I no longer have to do that. It's particularly beneficial while I'm working out because nothing kills my momentum quite like having to stop in the middle of an exercise to fix my shoes.

The biggest benefit is how easy they make getting ready in the morning. Instead of spending time tying my shoes as I'm rushing to leave my apartment, I can simply slip them on and head out the door. I have a habit of always running late, so I like how this hack helps me save time — even if it's only a few precious minutes.

One thing that I'm pretty excited about is that reviewers say they make going through airport security a breeze. I always wear my running shoes on planes, and it's such a hassle finding a place to re-tie them while lugging all of my stuff around. I'm looking forward to my next trip to the airport, where I'll be able to effortlessly slip my shoes off and on while going through the checkpoint.

Reviewers also say these laces make it easier for kids, people with arthritis and those with disabilities to put on their shoes. "Honestly, the best thing for my everyday shoes since well, since I bought them," one shopper wrote. "WHAT an upgrade!!

The best part is that they look just like normal laces — even sleeker, in fact, because they don't have a messy tie! And at just $10, I think it's a time-saving hack that everyone should know about.

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