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Women's Health Fitness Awards: 6 winning picks to help you reach your fitness goals

Shop the best-of-the-best in equipment, recovery tools, activewear and more.

We know that starting a new fitness routine and finding the motivation to stick with your New Year's resolution can be tricky. But having the correct equipment and brand new gear might help you stay on track and even get you excited to tackle this new challenge.

If you need a little inspiration and wondering what you should invest in, the 2023 Women's Health Fitness Awards are here! This list breaks down the best-of-the-best in activewear, exercise equipment, recovery tools and more. To help you get started, Women's Health Editor-in-Chief Liz Plosser stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to share some of her favorites across categories, from a weighted jump rope to a cupping kit.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the top six winning picks you can incorporate into your fitness routine. There's something for everyone, from seasoned gym-goers to beginners!

Best gym equipment

Bala The Jump Rope

From the brand known for the award-winning weighted Bala Bangles, Plosser says the average jump rope gets a major glow up with this choice. Plosser also says this jump rope is superior to other options because it features a smooth cord that can be adjusted with the push of a button and has weighted handles.

Best wearables

Whoop 4.0 Health and Fitness Tracker

Plosser says this fitness tracker is different from the rest because there's "no screens and no distractions." According to the brand, it collects data such as your steps, heart rate, blood oxygen and more. And after your workout, you can check all of your data on the Whoop 4 app.

Whoop SuperKnit Bicep Band

According to the brand, this bicep band can capture your health and fitness data while keeping your wrist free. Plosser likes it because it's screen-free and she says it's perfect for those who like to push their limits. The brand does note that this band is only compatible with the Whoop 4.0.

Best outdoor gear

Wanderfull Crossbody Water Bottle Hydrobag

Whether you're an avid hiker or simply enjoy leisurely strolls, this crossbody bag holds various sizes of water bottles and has a front pocket to store your credit cards, phone and more.

Best activewear

Carbon38 Action Bra 2.0

The most fashionable sports bra winner is the Action Bra by Carbon38, which offers medium support and a racerback design. Coming in eight different shades, the sports bra has a chic and shiny fabric so you can confidently rock it solo during your workouts.

And through Jan. 31, Carbon38 is offering 20% off bundles on their website with code TODAY20. You can mix and match leggings, sports bras and sweaters and more.

Best recovery tools

WTHN Body Cupping Kit

According to the brand, cupping is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that helps reduce tension and increase circulation. And Plosser says it can even help stimulate the lymphatic system. Coming with eight silicone cups, she likes this self-cupping kit because you can enjoy these benefits right from your home.

Best gaming set

Nettie Double Pack Pickleball Set

Pickleball has been a huge fitness trend and Plosser says she is obsessed. “I’m sure you’ve been hearing a ton about pickleball, and if you’re curious, this is a perfect set to get you and a partner started!" she says.

This double pack set includes two pickleball paddles of different patterns to choose from, two pickleballs and two sweatbands, according to the brand.