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8 problem-solving beauty finds for summer — starting at $11

Stay cool for the summer with these expert must-haves.

Summer is well underway but it feels as though the temperatures have just truly started to heat up. With the heat comes the typical slew of beauty dilemmas that pop up during this time of year — sweat, chafing, frizzy hair — you name it.

Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about some of her favorite summer beauty must-haves, from trendy but functional skorts to an extra-strength hair protectant.

Keep reading to see all six summer beauty picks, plus more products you'll love long after the season is over.

Shop All Day: Beauty and Grooming Problem-Solvers


Post says these skorts from Athleta are a stylish solution to summer chafing and actually stay in place all day. They're made from lightweight materials like recycled polyester and blended with spandex for a little bit of stretch. Plus, they're quick-drying, UPF 50+ protective and wrinkle-resistant.

Athleta Run With It Skort

Athleta Soho Skort

Athleta Brooklyn Skort

Birddogs Men's Shorts

For the guys, Post found these comfortable and stretchy shorts from Birddog — she says her husband has been wearing them for years and swears by them! According to the brand, they're super stretchy thanks to the nylon and spandex-blend fabric but they offer an extra layer of comfort thanks to their built-in spandex liner. The pull-on shorts come in six different colors and three different lengths, and also feature a belt loop for an adjustable fit.


Megababe The Glow Deodorant

The Shop TODAY team is a big fan of Megababe products, and this new launch generated a bit of buzz for its 3-in-1 formula. According to the brand, The Glow helps to not only prevent sweat and tackle odor, but it also brightens under-arm skin. The formula is also aluminum-free and has a light lavender-mint scent.

Glovestix StankStix Shoe Deodorizer

From your gym bag to kids' sports equipment, summer heat can intensify certain odors. Post says these StankStix (which got their start on Shark Tank) are designed to tackle odor, absorb moisture and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This hack can also be used with hockey gear, cleats or boots and is a great alternative to harsh sprays, Post added.


Color Wow Extra Strength Dream Coat

Another new product that has Post buzzing is this "raincoat for your hair" from Color Wow. According to the brand, this formula is even stronger than its bestselling dream coat and works against frizz and humidity to make your hair waterproof, essentially, through up to four shampoos. Reviewers mention that it has a lightweight feel and is great for dry or curly hair. TODAY viewers can score it for 30% off with the code TODAY30 at Color Wow's website.

Burt's Bees Lip Balms

Don't forget: Your lips need sunscreen, too! This three-pack of assorted lip balms can tag along with you just about anywhere, so you can keep your lips hydrated and protected whether you're at the beach or out for brunch. Post calls each of them multitaskers, since they hydrate, offer SPF protection and provide a light tint for a subtle pop of color.

More Beauty and Grooming Problem-Solvers

Magic Molecule The Solution Spray

Magic Molecule's Solution Spray can help heal over 100 common skin ailments, according to the brand. It can be used for all ages to treat sunburns, eczema, zits, redness and more.

First Aid Beauty Ingrown Hair Pads with BHA & AHA

Dealing with ingrown hairs after shaving? These exfoliating pads can help relieve and prevent them, the brand says.

Social Citizen Sweat-Proof Crewneck T-Shirt

Sweat stains no longer have to ruin your favorite T-shirts! These tees from Social Citizen feature hidden sweat-proof pads that prevent sweat from bleeding through your top.

Ecupper Women's Cotton Wide Leg Pant

Keep cool and avoid chafing in these breezy pants. They're made with 100% cotton according to the brand and boast a trendy wide leg cut.

Megababe Thigh Rescue Mini Anti-Friction Stick

Megababe also makes a top-rated chafing stick, which can be used under bra straps, in your shoes and even on your waistband to help prevent irritation.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Performance Sun Bandana

This cooling bandana is made with a UPF 50+ fabric, which the brand says blocks blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo

This clarifying shampoo can help cleanse your hair of buildup and residue from chlorine, hair products and more.

More warm weather beauty products

For more expert-favorites, Colleen Sullivan, a beauty editor for over 20 years, tried out tons of warm weather products. From a razor so gentle on the skin you won’t need shaving cream, to a hair mask made of volcanic ash that removes product buildup with one squirt, these are her some of her summer beauty favorites.

Athena Club’s Razor

Unlike most lightweight disposable options, this razor’s handle is covered in silicone for a non-slip grip and has a metal core, giving you just the right amount of heft and control when you glide the blades over your skin. The stainless steel five-blade comes with skin guards to prevent irritation and is surrounded by a water-activated hyaluronic acid and shea butter serum, which serve as a built-in shaving cream (just be sure to wet the blade before using). You get two blades in the kit and there are eight colors to choose from.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick

There’s no other way to say it — I’m obsessed with this 2-in-1 cream stick that doubles as a sheer blush and lip tint. This product, which contains mango butter and avocado oil, is super hydrating and blends easily — simply dot onto your cheeks and blend with your fingertips (then watch as your cheeks get an instant healthy flush) or swipe onto your pout and rub your lips together for a hint of color. It comes in this tiny two-inch stick that slips easily into a small summer bag.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser

I’ve been wearing sunscreen daily since Memorial Day and have been fastidious about washing it off at night ever since my dermatologist says sunscreen is often mixed with pore cloggers like dirt and oil. My new go-to facial wash from Sand & Sky has a 5.5 pH — meaning it’s got a similar pH to skin so it shouldn’t trigger breakouts or result in redness or sensitivity — and contains macadamia oil and silica-rich pink clay to replenish moisture. Luffa plant and finger lime extracts gently exfoliate, while witch hazel helps control oil and tighten pores.

Clear & Pure Lip Balm

No matter the season, I’m constantly hydrating my lips, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover a lip balm worthy of joining my two other lip hydrators, one that’s 100% natural and filled with extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and a water-based honey that makes the balm super hydrating and allows for a smoother application. The hard part is choosing from the 10 flavors — but I’m loving the coconut and vanilla right now.

Coola Refreshing Water Cream Sunscreen

I try to find a great new sunscreen every summer, and this season is no different. The one I’m loving caught my eye because it not only has all the crucial bells and whistles (it’s broad-spectrum and has a SPF of 50), but because it contains two star ingredients that dermatologists swear by to help support skin’s moisture and increase hydration — hyaluronic acid and coconut water. The unique delivery system makes application simple — remove the cap, pump the top, and watch how a measured amount of blue (yes, blue!) cream gets released from the small opening — and mess-free.

Bliss Clear Genius Body Acne Spray

If the thought of breakouts on your chest, shoulders or back has you passing on tank tops or sleeveless dresses, consider this acne-fighting spray that’s made for those hard-to-reach areas. It contains ingredients including 2% salicylic acid (to remove pore blocking dead skin cells), witch hazel (to reduce inflammation and redness), zinc PCA (to lessen sebum secretion), niacinamide (a vitamin B3 derivative that reduces swelling and redness) and Cica (a leafy green herb that soothes irritated skin). Shake the bottle and spray — and there’s no rubbing required. This product also does a good job of preventing acne, so if you’re susceptible to breakouts in a specific area, spot treat at night for clearer skin in the morning.

Laura Geller Prep Stick Lip Scrub

Exfoliating your lips is one of those beauty rituals you know you should be doing. I’ve been waiting for something truly easy (read: not messy) to come along to bump this action up on my beauty to-do list — and here it is: a lip bullet filled with exfoliating sugars and avocado oil to keep lips moist. Although the manufacturer claims it comes fragrance-free, I swear I detect a delicious fruity smell.

Mario Badescu Coconut Body Scrub

The skin on the bottom of my feet, chest, and back of my shoulders gets a little rough in summer, so I try to exfoliate these areas three times a week in the shower. I prefer a mushy and more granular paste, which is why I’m so in love with this scrub. What makes it stand out from others on the market: it contains six different-sized beads (including two different sizes of pumice) that swim in an emulsion of skin-shedding salicylic acid and moisturizers like rosehip, meadow seed foam oil and vitamin E. You simply apply it to damp skin anywhere you have rough or dry patches, massage in a circular motion, then rinse.

Valentino Beauty Brow Trio Eyebrow Liner

When I first used this brow color, I thought there was no way it’s going to make my list of favorite new products. Don’t get me wrong — the sleek dark fuchsia and gold packaging is stunning and the fact that you get three products in one (brow comb, pencil and liner) is impressive. But it has this super micro brush that I thought would leave thin, awkward lines in my brow hairs — wow, was I wrong! I was amazed to see how beautifully and naturally the product adhered to my hairs as I stroked the formula onto my brows. Two maintenance tips: be sure to shake the pen before using and store it flat to prevent the ink from drying out.

Sun Bum Revitalizing 3-in-1 Leave-In Hair Conditioner

I grew up with my mom spritzing Johnson’s No More Tangles into my hair after days at our town pool, which helped remove all the knots and snarls on my head. This summer, I’ve discovered a grown-up version of this product: a leave-in conditioner that not only eliminates tangles, but provides UV protection to safeguard my hair color and condition and soften my strands with coconut and sunflower seed oil. It also contains vitamin E and potassium-rich banana leaf, peel, flower and pulp extract to nourish and protect hair from harmful free radicals, along with a quinoa protein to strengthen.

Jupiter Purifying Hair Mask

If you’re looking for something to remove salt, chlorine, sunscreen and excess styling product from your hair, this foaming mask will do the job. Designed to be used once-a-week, it’s made of a mineral-rich volcanic ash that lifts and removes buildup while hydrating your strands with argan oil. (It also contains biotin, a vitamin B7 that’s known to stimulate keratin production and help with hair growth.) The mint-scented foam squirts out of the bottle in the shape of a ribbon — simply apply to damp or dry hair and leave on for five minutes.

Type: A The Innovator Aluminum-Free Deodorant

An aluminum- and alcohol-free deodorant that’s activated by sweat and absorbs instantly? Yep! Made with charcoal (to draw out bacteria and toxins that cause odor) and spirulina (a blue-green algae that has anti-inflammatory properties), this deodorant comes in a squeeze applicator that has three slits on the top to dispense just the right amount of cream. It glides on clear so won’t stain your clothes and comes in two scents — Vanilla Almond Milk and Fresh Rain + Bergamot.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Butter

I’m often wary of self-tanners for all the obvious reasons, but this gradual self-tanner allows you to build color slowly. Its vegan blend is loaded with good-for-your-skin ingredients including hydrating coconut, eucalyptus, chia seed, peppermint oil and vitamin-rich avocado, all of which help prevent skin dryness. There’s also vitamin C-enriched grapefruit to brighten and even out your skin tone and soothing aloe vera to help reduce redness. It’s fast absorbing and non-sticky — expect your glow to appear in four to six hours.