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By Chrissy Callahan

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Some people immediately pass out as soon they see a pillow, but the rest of us aren't so lucky. Not only do we toss and turn for hours on end, but we also can be easily woken up by thunder, snores or even a faint sound coming from the kitchen.

Growing up, I shared a room with my older sister. I was always envious of the way she fell asleep the moment she got into bed. It was a freaky gift I’ve always tried to replicate, to no avail. The problem is, I often find it hard to shut my brain off at night — whether I'm stressed out or simply excited about something — so falling asleep has never come easily.

I've dealt with bouts of insomnia off and on for years, and have tried almost every trick in the book to catch some z's — counting sheep, getting up and walking around, trying melatonin, you name it. None of them have helped me as much as my trusted sound machine.

A few years ago, my mom picked it up for me, and even though I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, I figured it was worth a try. The Homedics sound machine she got me has a built-in radio and features six soothing sounds to lull you into a peaceful slumber.

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

I've always found that listening to rain is relaxing. So, I immediately gravitated to that particular sound and initially set the machine’s timer for an hour at a time.

As I focused on the soothing rain noise, I quickly discovered the only thing I was doing was putting pressure on myself to fall asleep before the timer stopped. At my worst, it's taken me over an hour to fall asleep.

That's when I decided to start leaving the sound machine on all night. This way, it would play at a constant stream just in case I woke up in the middle of the night. Since I live on a busy street, the likelihood of something like traffic, construction or snow plows waking me up on any given night is very high.

I won’t lie and tell you the only reason I sleep better now is my sound machine; it's taken a lot of effort to calm my thoughts and relax before bedtime. But I will say that I couldn’t have done it, and couldn’t continue to sleep peacefully, without my sound machine.

There’s something simply soothing about having a light rainfall sound in the background that relaxes me even when I’m stressed out. And after years of sleepless nights, getting a good night’s sleep now is priceless.

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