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People love this self-cleaning robotic vacuum — and it's $100 off right now

Reviewers say it tackles the toughest of messes.
Don't miss this deal!
Don't miss this deal!Walmart

If you're looking for a deep discount on a new robotic vacuum, we found a deal that's hard to pass up!

Right now, shoppers can save $100 on the Shark ION RV700 robot vacuum from Walmart.

The vacuum has garnered hundreds of positive reviews and comes packed with plenty of high-tech options, so cleaning will be easier than ever.

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum

Reviewers love the vacuum's ability to deal with hair and fur across multiple surfaces. The vacuum comes equipped with two spinning side brushes that can grab at debris from corners and edges with ease, meaning that nothing gets left behind.

"I have kids with long hair and super furry dogs that shed like crazy!" wrote one reviewer. "It drives me bananas for sure. Anyhow, this super radical robot vac picks it all up."

There's also no need to worry about the vacuum bumping into furniture or falling down a flight of stairs. A set of proximity sensors assess and adapt to the landscape, and a low-profile design means that the vacuum can easily coast below furniture. A "Bot Boundary strip," included with the vacuum, allows users to set a barrier if there are areas they don't want the device to approach.

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum
Shark ION RV700 Robot VacuumWalmart / Walmart

"The feature I love most is how it goes underneath the bed and furniture to clean; gives me a break from bending," wrote one reviewer.

Despite all the cleaning the vacuum is capable of doing, there's very little owner maintenance required. Self-cleaning technology allows the vacuum to manage and untangle long hairs, strings, and fibers for you, while the dust bin detaches from the side for ease of use.

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum
Shark ION RV700 Robot VacuumWalmart / Walmart

Users can even set a recurring schedule with an included remote. The lithium ION battery provides over an hour of cleaning time, and when the battery starts to run low, the vacuum will automatically come back to its charging dock.

"I was worried that this little round robot who I fondly call Rosie would be a waste of money," said one reviewer. "We have tile, laminate flooring and area rugs scattered around. The dog hair runs wild and I wasn't sure if Rosie could meet this challenge. Boy was wrong!! I love her!"

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