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7 eco-friendly kitchen storage solutions, according to Real Simple

Help the environment all while staying organized.

In the process of keeping an organized kitchen, you might be relying heavily on single-use plastic products. Between packing snacks in sandwich bags that will be thrown out to wrapping leftovers in layers of cling-wrap, these plastics negatively impact our environment. In the U.S., only about 30 percent of plastics are recycled, leaving the rest to pollute our water ways, oceans and more, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Reusable alternatives are a simple, eco-friendly option that will help organize your kitchen while cutting down on waste. These products are also affordable and can be used again and again.

To help you discover new sustainable storage solutions, Real Simple Senior Editor Katie Holdefehr stopped be the 3rd hour of TODAY to share seven must-have products.

Read on to shop vegan food wraps, silicone stretch covers and more.

Stasher Clear Silicone Reusable Storage Bags

If you are looking to replace single-use plastic bags with a more sustainable option, these stasher bags are great for school lunches, road trip snacks and more. Made with food-safe silicone, these bags can be used in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven. Holdefehr even uses these bags to store toiletries when traveling since the secure seal protects against spills or leaks.

Bee's Wrap (Set of 3)

These reusable wraps are made from beeswax coated cotton and function just lick plastic cling-wrap. Using the heat from your hands, the wrap will warm up then can be molded to cover bowls, pieces of fruit or cheese. The wraps can be hand-washed with cool water and soap and last for about a year.

Khala & Co. Reusable Food Wraps Vegan Combo Pack

A vegan food wrap option is also available if you do not want to use beeswax products. These wraps are made using a plant-based mix of natural waxes and oils. Washable, reusable and compostable, the wraps get more pliable and stick better the more you use it.

Net Zero Co. Stretch & Seal Silicone Lids (Set of 6)

Leave fumbling for container tops behind and store leftovers with these air-tight silicone stretch lids. This eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wrap can stretch to fit both round or square containers, bowls, jars, pots and even cuts of fruit and other foods. The air-tight seal helps leftovers last longer and when you're done, you can put them in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Frisco Silicone Pet Food Can Cover (Set of 2)

For pet owners that serve their furry friends wet food, these silicone can covers are a must-have. Each lid can fit three different can sizes and are made to be soft and flexible so they can easily pop on and off. These lids work to keep wet pet food fresh for longer.

Aplat Make & Take Food Kit

We all know the struggle of trying to perfectly wrap food with plastic or tin foil before bringing a dish to a party or potluck. This food kit, however, can help upgrade your food presentation with a machine-washable drawstring pan cover. Not only does the cover look sleek but also this kit comes with a casserole dish tote to help transport your food.

Simple Ecology Mesh Reusable Produce Bags (Set of 3)

On a trip to the grocery store, it is common to rack up a number of plastic bags while picking out produce, only for them to be tossed out once we get home. These reusable cotton bags are a simple solution that reduce the use of plastic and will help your fruits and vegetables stay fresh.

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