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This author’s book made Hoda ‘feel’ so much she gifted copies to the TODAY staff

After reading Brianna Wiest’s book “The Pivot Year,” Hoda Kotb decided her co-workers at TODAY should read it, too.
/ Source: TODAY

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When Hoda Kotb read Brianna Wiest’s book “The Pivot Year,” she said she felt compelled to share the author's powerful messages with her co-workers at TODAY.

During a new episode of her podcast, “Making Space,” Hoda sits down with Wiest and tells the bestselling author just how much her latest book means to her.

“It was one of those things I just couldn’t keep to myself. I wanted everyone to feel the way this book made me feel," Hoda said in an introduction to the episode.

Hoda was so moved by "The Pivot Year" that she gave her colleagues copies for the holidays. She even called the book “so incredibly life-changing” while talking with the author.

“I heard a woman named Lynne Twist quote your book. And she said, 'I’m going to read you a passage from this book.' And it was so profound and moving that I’m actually going to look it up as we talk,” she recalled. “But it was so profound and moving to me that I was like, 'I’ve got to find out who this person is.'"

Hoda says the passages in "The Pivot Year" will "give your day a big boost."
Hoda says the passages in "The Pivot Year" will "give your day a big boost."Nathan Congleton

“And they’ve all said, 'I keep it by my bedside, and instead of scrolling, I read. And instead of scrolling, I look at one passage,'” she said.

TODAY’s Carson Daly is a big fan of the book, according to Hoda.

“Carson Daly is now screen grabbing and posting (passages from your book). Carson never posts. ... You know what he’s doing? He’s posting the ‘Pivot Year.’ Carson Daly, who is just drinking with Blake Shelton the other day is now posting from the ‘Pivot Year,'" she said.

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie has also felt inspired by the book.

“Then Savannah’s like, ‘Are you haunting me? Are you reading my mind?’ She keeps saying that every time I post something,” Hoda told Wiest, “because I — Brianna, I think you’re reading mine.” 

Wiest has already found plenty of success as an author at the tender age of 31, but she told Hoda that she wasn't always determined to become a professional writer.

Wiest said the "most thrilling thing" to her is that the stories she shares in her books are tools couples use in their relationships.
Wiest said the "most thrilling thing" to her is that the stories she shares in her books are tools couples use in their relationships. Nathan Congleton

However, Wiest said her mother reminded her that when she was young she would tell her mom she felt like she was "meant to do something" and "to help others in some way."

As a writing major in college, Wiest said she avoided taking a creative writing class.

"I thought, I’m not kidding you, Hoda. I thought nobody would be interested in anything I would have to say. I’m not lying. I mean, I was just so self-conscious. I was like, 'I have nothing good to say.' Like, anything I would write would be terrible. I didn’t want to share it," she said.

As time went on, Wiest said she went on her "own inner journey" and found a newfound passion for writing.

"I started truly like journaling for my own sake and then kind of sharing my meditations. And then that was what just caught on fire," she said.

What is 'The Pivot Year' and how can you buy it?

Per its book description, “The Pivot Year” offers guidance for anyone in a pivot period who wants to “become the person you truly want to be.”

“The Pivot Year” by Brianna Wiest

"If you’re in a pivot period — if you’re still bridging the space between where you are and where you want to be — remember that the person you’re becoming is already within you. The journey is convincing your mind to act consistently on what your heart already knows it wants to do," the description reads.