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The internet convinced me to buy Parade's undies — and I'm so glad I did

This brand makes underwear shopping not feel like such a chore.
Illustration of a variety of Parade Underwear and a woman wearing IParade Underwear

Underwear shopping has always been a pain, from digging through lingerie buckets at semi-annual sales to having pairs rip immediately in the washing machine. That is, until my social media algorithm introduced me to a new company called Parade Underwear. I was excited about how their pairs of underwear started at just $8 and came in beautiful, bright hues. I went on their website and learned there was even more to love.

What is Parade Underwear?

The direct-to-consumer brand sells undies in a variety of styles, from thongs and hip huggers to boy shorts and briefs. Parade's prices range from $8 to $14 for a single pair, or can be purchased in makeup- and astrology-inspired packs from $40 to $54. You can order pairs in a ton of different colors, from limoncello to more subdued shades like starry sky navy and eightball black. They also have cute designs like neon colorblock and polka dots. And like other brands with tons of hype, Parade does “drops” of limited-edition styles every two weeks.

How do they feel?

While Parade's prices aren't as cheap as an underwear sale, they’re worth every penny. First, they feel incredibly soft and comfortable on my body, unlike many other underwear brands that tend to dig into my skin. The fabric is perfectly lightweight and breathable, though I hope they will make some thicker pairs for colder weather in the future! That said, It’s great to open my underwear drawer and see so many joyful colors for a little mid-winter mood boost. Another great result of retiring from my bargain bin shopping days: In the many trips my Parade Underwear have taken through the washing machine, they also haven’t ripped, faded or stained my other clothes.

Why else do I love them?

I was stoked to hear about Parade’s commitment to sustainability and breaking down taboos. Their super soft and incredibly stretchy underwear are made of a new fabric called Re:Play, which combines recycled nylon fabric and spandex for that stretch. Since clothes that sell for low prices can often be made in a way that is not eco-friendly, it was cool to see a relatively affordable pair of underwear made of this new sustainable material.

It's also exciting to see the brand embrace size inclusivity, with models and products of all sizes. (Their underwear and hoodies range from XS to 3X.) Parade Underwear also donates a portion of their proceeds to reproductive justice organizations like The Yellowhammer Fund and Planned Parenthood.

Parade seems to be innovating and changing in the underwear industry in every way. And from their neon-colored underwear to their sparkly stickers they send in the mail, they’ve actually made underwear shopping not feel like a chore.

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