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10 things to help declutter your fridge, bathroom and entryway

Just in time for spring cleaning!
/ Source: TODAY

Spring cleaning also means it's time for spring organizing!

The organizers behind the popular company The Home Edit are sharing their tips for tidying in a new book "The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals" and it's already topping the Amazon charts.

Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer made a name for themselves sharing gorgeous photos of seemingly impossible-to-replicate organized spaces, but creating a clutter-free home is easier than you think.

Shearer and Teplin stopped by the show with some helpful ideas for storage in the entryway, bathroom and refrigerator that might just transform your space.


According to Shearer and Teplin, the entryway can be one of the easiest spaces to organize in the home. They recommended first thinking about all of the items that enter and exit your house on a daily basis: coats, hats, book bags, handbags, umbrella, mail, keys, you name it.

"Whether a big mudroom or a small coat closet next to the front door, everyone has a place where we immediately put down our things," they shared. "Think about where everything lands when you walk in the door to help you determine what your space needs."

  • 1. Add furniture that does doubles duty: A small bench or stool by the front door encourages people to take their shoes off and use a basket or tray to store them.

White 4-Cube Cubby Shelving, $65, The Container Store

This sturdy unit has room for storage both above and below. A strategically-placed catchall on the top can act as a drop zone for mail and keys and handwoven bins to keep shoes and knick knacks in their place.

  • 2. Utilize Hooks: Install hooks on the wall designated for each family member and a hang a reusable tote on the hook to hold mittens, hat, sunscreen or anything else used daily.

Umbra Satin Gold Round Cappa Hooks, $15, The Container Store

These chic gold hooks comes in a package of three. They are sturdy and they look great.

  • 3. Label Bins in Categories: "We have bins labeled for kids, activities and 'catch-all' smaller categories," they said. "Labels help the kids too, it helps them put things away in the right place."

White Bin Clip Labels, $7 (usually $10), The Container Store

These labels clips onto most bins and baskets up to a half-inch comfortably. You can write directly on the label with a chalk marker, chalk or dry erase marker.

  • 4. Keep the countertop clear: Use a small catch-all tray to hold change, keys, sunglasses or anything else you need as you come and go. This ensures your items are contained, and they don't pile up!

Umbra Estique 5-Hook Organizer, $15, The Container Store

This organizer is perfect for holding sunglasses, keys or mail. It would make a great addition to any entryway.


The bathroom is actually one of their favorite rooms to organize. "The possibilities are endless," they said. Shearer and Teplin noted that it's important to start your day with an organized bathroom — and we totally agree!

  • 1. Organize the medicine cabinet by time: Separate products into daytime and nighttime regimens. Medicine cabinets are prime real estate, so only keep what you use on a daily basis in there. You can also organize by category (moisturizers, cleansers, treatments), color or use. These are often hard to organize because they're so narrow!

InterDesign Linus Handled Cabinet Organizer, $8, Amazon

"You can find these great bins that are also narrow and have dividers in the middle," they shared. "Which keeps everything contained and compact. And, you can easily take it out to use, and put it back."

  • 2. Utilize counter space: Store makeup in stacking acrylic drawers on the countertop. Whether you want to keep your makeup on the counter so you can see it all or you need to keep it there because you're short on space, this is a great solution. Labeled acrylic drawers help you see what you have. Keep color labels visible and in front whenever possible.

Luxe Acrylic Makeup & Skincare Storage Kit, $110, The Container Store

This luxurious beauty organizer has stackable components that allow you to store your products vertically and visibly.

  • 3. Repurpose kitchen essentials: Shearer and Teplin recommended organizing under-the-sink storage with a lazy susan. These are great for under any sink, low cabinet or high shelf.

InterDesign Clear Linus Divided Lazy Susans, $13-19, The Container Store

You can rotate it to easily reach anything in the back. It can be used for hair supplies, cleaning supplies, a bath caddy and more.

  • 4. Create a "daily drawer": Think of your "daily drawer" as the bathroom's greatest hits. "These are the go-to items you use twice a day without fail: toothbrush and toothpaste, contacts, face wipes, etc. that you don't want to display," they explained.


The refrigerator can be difficult to organize, especially for big families. But, once everything has a specific place, it can make life so much simpler. Preparing meals and putting away groceries just got easier.

  • 1. Separate food by category: Keep beverages on top and meat on the bottom to avoid contamination. If you can, try to keep meat in a contained drawer.

InterDesign Fridge Binz Soda Can Organizer, $10 (originally $13), Amazon

This can organizer is perfect for keeping your beverages easy to grab without taking up too much space.

  • 2. Keep veggies visible: Use stackable food storage containers for meal prep and cut fruit and veggies. Opt for clear containers so you can see what you have.

Glasslock Rectangular Food Containers with Lids, $7-14, The Container Store

These containers are made from stain-proof, shatter-resistant, tempered glass. They are safe for the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

  • 3. Use bins in the freezer: For a pull-out freezer, divide the categories using file folders as inserts.

InterDesign Linus Deep Drawer Binz, $11-15, The Container Store

These containers are stackable and for storing pre-cut produce and other snacks.

  • 4. Label the drawers: This will help you and everyone else stay organized.
  • 5. Leave room for leftovers: You never want to overstuff the fridge because it only leaves room for the mess to pile up.

Everywhere Else

The ladies also shared some helpful tips that can be applied to any area of the house.

1. Bins and labels are your friends. These can be used to organize just about anything floating around the house.

2. Utilize clear bins. Clear bins keep everything in sight. However, if you're organizing something bulky or unattractive, of course, don't use clear bins, they shared. A middle ground is to use clear frosted bins for when you want visibility, but maybe don't want all of your personal items on display.

3. Measure before you buy bins. Yes, this seems obvious, but you want the edge of the bins to line up with the end of your shelves. This will look nice and maximize your space.

4. Take everything out of your space before re-organizing. Start with a clean slate!

5. Consider all of your negative space options. This can help with making sure a space doesn't look or feel too cluttered.

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