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15 laundry room organization ideas to try in 2022

“Laundry organization is not just sorting colors and whites.”
Woman organizing her laundry in her laundry room
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As if laundry itself wasn’t tasking enough, laundry rooms tend to turn into the catch-all room of the home, seemingly, overnight. From clothing and dirty shoes to miscellaneous items that somehow find their way in there, it can be hard to keep on top of all of the clutter. Keeping your laundry room as functional as possible is just as important as keeping your clothing clean.

“Laundry organization is not just sorting colors and whites,” Laurie Lindemann, master-level KonMari certified consultant of Declutter Pronto, told Shop TODAY. “It’s about having everything you need at your fingertips so doing your laundry doesn’t feel like a chore.”

Keeping the essentials at hand means you’ll be able to get ahead of the inevitable clutter before it happens.

“Laundry rooms often serve multiple purposes like cleaning storage or linen closet overflow, but it is important to keep the items you need to actually do laundry in a convenient location,” Rachel Rosenthal, organizing expert and owner of Rachel and Company, told us. “This will vary based on your laundry room set up.”

If you can't prevent your laundry room from becoming a catch-all space, professional organizing expert Julie Naylon of No Wire Hangers suggests designating a basket for that exact purpose, which will help you put things back where they belong without adding to the clutter.

While there is no robot that can do it all just yet (at least, not that we know of), there are plenty of ways to streamline the process and make your space functional enough to tackle laundry day. We reached out to professional organizers for all of the impressive — and easy — ways to revamp your laundry room, including the functional products that can make one of the most cramped and cluttered rooms in your home one that you’ll actually want to be in.

From mop grippers to collapsible hampers, these commitment-free hacks and products might make you look forward to your next trip to the laundry room.

Laundry room organization ideas

Command General Purpose Variety Kit

"Hooks and utilizing empty space are key for organization," Lindemann said. "If you have limited space for laundry supplies, use the walls and the narrow area on the sides of the washer and dryer. Hang mesh bags nearby so they’re easy to grab and you always know where to find them."

This multi-pack of Command Hooks can be used on a variety of surfaces within your laundry room in order to capitalize on space that would typically go untouched.

The Container Store Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Rosenthal loves these plastic boxes because not only can you easily see what is inside of them, but you can also wipe them clean if something spills. "There is a lot of water and things like detergent or softener in laundry rooms that can get messy and need a quick clean," Rosenthal said. "By selecting something like a ​multi-purpose bin​ or ​acrylic bin​ vs. a seagrass basket to hold the messier items you will be able to clean vs. replace if there is a spill."

Lindemann also says these kinds of bins are great for storing bulkier items in your laundry room.

"Clear plastic bins hung on the back of a door are ideal for storing nature’s fabric softener — dryer balls."

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Lindemann prefers eco-friendly dryer balls over dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. They're relatively easy to care for, and can last for plenty of loads.

"Clean and refresh dryer balls by first washing them in hot water, and then adding your favorite essential oils," Lindemann said. "Just add 2-3 drops of essential oil to each ball and bounce them around in the dryer for a minute or two to make sure the oil has soaked in (this prevents oil stains on fabrics)."

The Container Store Round Collapsible Crunch Hamper

"Let’s be honest, laundry isn’t our most favorite task. If you add mounds of dirty clothes into the mix, it can be even more dreadful," Rosenthal said. "Invest in a couple laundry bins or baskets that help you create a system that works for your family (and keep things off the floor)."

Rosenthal loves these collapsible hampers from The Container Store that are affordable and can easily fold flat to be stored when not in use.

The Container Store White Nordic Storage Baskets

Utilizing shelving space over the washer and dryer is another way to tuck things away without compromising the look of your space. These modern storage baskets can be labeled with a dry erase marker to help you identify what's inside, but the ventilated holes also offer a glimpse if you choose to use the bamboo lids.

iDesign Linus Pantry Bins

For smaller essentials, Rosenthal says these pantry bins are a convenient find. They can be wiped clean and replaced, unlike fabric storage bins.

Copco Cabinet Storage Bin

Solid storage bins can help keep items that might not match your decor out of sight, such as brightly-colored detergents and soaps, Rosenthal says. These bins are roomy enough to hold the essentials while looking sleek on a shelf.

mDesign Glass Storage Apothecary Jar

Consider decanting your laundry supplies like pods or powdered detergents into pretty jars like these ​here​ to keep them handy while streamlining the look of your space," Rosenthal said. "If decanting isn’t realistic (think liquid laundry detergent) consider storing it out of sight either in a solid bin or in a drawer or cabinet."

The Laundress Laundry Sorter Hamper

Creating systems to keep dirty piles of laundry off of the floor is one way to make sure that your room stays clutter-free, Rosenthal says. This handy sorter from The Laundress keeps everything clearly labeled and organized, leaving less guesswork for you to do.

Steele Canvas Natural Laundry Cart

Finding what works for you and your family to keep your laundry room organized looks different for everyone.

"That might mean you have one basket for dirty clothes ready to be washed and one for clean clothes that need to be put away," Rosenthal said. "Or you have three for whites, darks and delicates. It is important to determine what works best for you and your family’s washing routine."

For larger laundry rooms, your system might have to look a little bit bigger, which is where these handy carts come into play.

Fold-Away Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

If your laundry room already feels cramped, adding dryings racks into the mix might make your space feel tighter. These wall-mounted drying racks can be used to take up less space and are convenient for drying hand washables.

Neatfreak 3 Tier Cascading Drying Rack

Every space in the laundry room is "valuable real estate" and should not be overlooked, according to Rosenthal. Taking advantage of the backs of doors is another great way to make your space functional.

Command Broom & Mop Gripper

"Using the back of the door is a great way to maximize space in your laundry room," Rosenthal said. "You can use it to hang your ironing board, a drying rack or even your cleaning supplies like brooms and mops." This set of mop grippers won't ruin your walls or your doors, and are a convenient way to prevent brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies from taking up space in closets.

iDesign Over the Door York Ironing Board Hanger

This space-saving tool is ideal for smaller spaces, and is another one of Rosenthal's recommendations for over-the-door storage. It can hold a standard iron or laundry products and keep your ironing board off of the floor and within reach.

Spectrum 35000 Diversified Wall Mount Hanger

Naylon recommends this wall-mounted device as another way to streamline the drying process. "I have one in my own laundry room," Naylon said. "I use them a lot in small spaces where people need to have that drying space but don’t necessarily need it there all the time. And also for people who don’t have that much to line dry, it’s a very good space-saving option."

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