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My wardrobe is all about efficiency — and these joggers are a new staple

They're the perfect workhorse pants — and surprisingly stylish.
Courtesy Anna De Souza

After becoming a mom of three, I've reorganized much of my life to be as efficient as possible. From choosing clear toothpaste in an effort to keep the bathroom sink looking clean, to the specific way I roll and stack clothes so the kids can see all their options without unfolding the lot, I truly navigate my every day with the hopes that I can salvage a few slivers of time for peace. That said, my wardrobe has taken a sharp turn to Efficientville too.

Recently I traveled to Fort Lauderdale with a lap baby in tow and just a free diaper bag. It was such a win! Baby and I had skillfully stowed away wardrobe changes worthy of a JLo concert — from casual wear, to party frocks, and pool gear — all in tightly rolled burritos. There’s just something about the personal challenge of making it happen that not only inspires, but drives me to that efficiency win. It’s like nailing that Tetris line when all hope seems lost.

Given this, I’m always looking to expand my wardrobe with classic workhorses that never wrinkle (or still look pretty cool with a few creases), never pill, and can stand up to many, many washes — so I was excited when Shop TODAY asked me to review these pants. They have over 5,000 positive reviews, so I knew I had to check out these viral lounge pants myself!

G Gradual Lounge Pants

Colorways: 20 | Sizes: XS-XXL | Materials: 75% nylon, 25% spandex

Reviewers exuberantly boasted about the comfort, fit, and the color variety — 20 to be exact — and when it arrived I tore apart the packaging to try them on right away. Immediately I loved how cool to the touch they felt as I slid them to my waist. The nylon and spandex blend offers a soft stretch and smoothness — you can roll this puppy up any which way and it’ll look sharp when you pull it out. This passed the luggage — or more precisely — the bottom of the clean hamper test! 

The slight crop gives them an edge of stylishness that works for three out of the four seasons, so you’re getting a lot of seasonal wearability. Somehow ankle-length pants have a way of making you look more energetic, like you’re on a purposeful move. Catch me if you can, people! It’s tough to place how, but it does offer a more youthful edge than full-length joggers. On the styling front, pairing them with a gauzy button down and white slides dresses them up, but they look casually cool with a one-size-too-big white tee that’s slightly tucked in the front. I dig the versatility.

Courtesy Anna De Souza

I also can’t stress how critical good pockets are, and these pants deliver! We’re talking two very deep pockets for phones, keys, and wallets, in addition to a smaller inset pocket for change, cash — or you know, the mini Mr. Incredible my kid needs to bring to the swings.

The pants lay well along the torso and legs due to the thicker waistband and drawstring, which I love not only because of its functionality but also that it adds another layer of texture and interest. The vibe reads effortless cool girl pants.

I’m so excited to have these as part of my arsenal. They are easy to wipe clean on the fly too — ask me how I know! The cream sauce that landed on my leg was undetectable after a quick swipe and five minutes of wear. While I gravitated to the olive green, my only wish is that they were slightly more vibrant. But, as a neutral, it works with nearly any color. Light blue or orange are color combos you may not initially think up, but can look color blocky and super edgy. All in all, these have definitely earned their keep and I may even pick them up in another color since they're so versatile — the light khaki, which I’d pair with whites, is perfect for summer frolicking!

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