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Football romance books to feed your Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce obsession

So you can’t stop thinking about Swelce/Travis/Kraylor. These are some books to check out.
Football romance novels
Some football romance books recommended by author Alexa Martin.
/ Source: TODAY

Imagine a romance story involving a certain pop music megastar and a certain Super Bowl-winning NFL player. It starts with a silly gesture — his failed attempt to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it — and now whispers of them possibly dating have swelled into full-on screams. The public is simply spellbound by the idea of their match-up. She’s Miss Americana. He’s the heartbreak prince. Can their romance stand the test of fame and scrutiny? It’s a love story. Baby, just say yes.

That’s a potential football romance that’s writing itself out there in the real world — and now you, like the rest of the public, are craving more of a similar story. Fret not! Author Alexa Martin’s got you.

Martin — an Amazon-bestselling romantic fiction writer whose “Playbook” series is inspired by her own love story with her husband, former NFL player Derrick Martin — shared with some of her own favorite football romance books. Check them out.

Martin: "When former professional football player Jamar Dixon wants back in the NFL, he enlists trainer extraordinaire Taylor Powell to get him shape. Only one problem: nobody can know. Using one of my favorite tropes, Rochon gives us fake dating perfection with a strong heroine, sizzling chemistry and cast of wonderful characters. You’ll finish this football romance with a smile on your face!"

“The Cheat Sheet,” by Sarah Adams

Martin: "Everything Sarah Adams writes is a pure delight, and 'The Cheat Sheet' is no different. In this friends-to-lovers romance, ballet teacher Bree must pretend to date quarterback Nathan while trying (and failing) to prevent the lines between friends and lovers to blur. Plus, for readers dipping their toes into romance, it’s perfect for those who want all the feels without the spice."

“Fake It Till You Bake It,” by Jamie Wesley

Martin: "When disgraced reality star Jada is cut off from her family, she needs a job ASAP. Lucky for her, she gets a job at a bakery owned by professional football player Donovan, and sparks fly. Jamie Wesley combined two of my favorite things in life — cupcakes and football players — to write a sugar sweet romance ... with a bit of a spicy kick."

“Scoring with the Wrong Twin,” by Naima Simone

Martin:" Naima Simone is one of my favorite romance authors out there, and everything she writes is equal parts entertaining and spicy. In 'Scoring with the Wrong Twin,' Sophia switches places with her identical twin sister and crosses paths with tight end Zeph, and the sparks are instant."

“Fair Catch,” by Kandi Steiner

Martin: "If college football is more of your thing, look no further than the 'Red Zone Rivals' series from Kandi Steiner. In the first book, 'Fair Catch,' Zeke isn’t only Riley’s infuriating neighbor, but he’s also her brother’s best friend. Plus, in this romance, the hero isn’t the only one scoring on the field. The heroine is on the team as well!"